Intelligent Life
Intelligent Life

- On the Fastrack - Gwen has joined Dethany for some team Star Wars cosplaying! 17-01-2015
- On the Fastrack - Dethany meets Gwen at the comic convention, dressed up as the Joker! 08-10-2016
- On the Fastrack - Skip, Gwen and Flix arrive for a 2018 crossover-Halloween held at Dethany's! 27-10-2018

- Legend of Bill - In Mike's treasured geek-collection there's both a poster with Bill and a Frank doll too! 16-06-2014
- Superfogeys - I f this is one cosplaying Captain Spectacular, he has an amazing eye for details! 06-10-2014
- Evil Inc. - Either Lightning Lady is out at the convention herself, or thats one cosplaying her! 06-10-2014
- Dork Tower - Wonder if somebody can dress up as Igor? So that might BE him at the convention! 06-10-2014
- PvP Online - Lolbat, or one dressed as him, takes his lunch out at the convention! 06-10-2014
- Legend of Bill - Hmm... wonder who that hack who's selling Legend of Bill merchandise on the convention is? 07-10-2014
- On the Fastrack - There's no doubt about it being Dethany attending the convention among all the celebrities! 08-10-2014
- Imagine This - I'll be d... is that's not Clovis being around at the comic convention! 08-10-2014
- Zorphbert & Fred - Zorphbert & Freds take the Halloween opportunity to mingle with the natives unseen! 26-10-2014
- PvP Online - Either that's one with a great Halloween costume, or Skull is having a night out! 26-10-2014
- On the Fastrack - Dethany, or one who looks like her, seems to be out for some trick and treating! 26-10-2014
- Retail - Stuart looks out his window at all the Halloween shenanigans taking place outside! 26-10-2014
- Legend of Bill - Both Bill and Frank take a walk in the neighbourhood during the Halloween festivitas! 26-10-2014
- Schlock Mercenary - This GOT to be the real Sgt. Schlock, nobody can make a Halloween costume THAT fitting! 26-10-2014
- Legend of Bill - Mike's treasured Mint Figure Collection obviously also contains a Frank Action Figure! 02-11-2014
- Retail - Gwen spots her best buys of the day at Grumbel's! ... and she doesn't even like shopping! 16-11-2014
- Looking for Group - Richard, or someone cosplaying him, can be spotted at the comic convention! 09-10-2016
- Table Titans - Somebody cosplaying Val is walking around at the comic convention! 09-10-2016
- Evil Inc. - Somebody who looks strikingly like Miss Match can be seen at the comic convention Gwen attends! 09-10-2016
- Axe Cop - Nobody can cosplay that well, this GOT to be Axe Cop himself at the comic convention! 09-10-2016
- Dork Tower - Both Matt and Carson can be see attending the same convention Gwen does! 09-10-2016
- Schlock Mercenary - Kevyn himself, or somebody cosplaying him, attends the same comic convention as Gwen! 09-10-2016
- Take it From the Tinkersons - Looks like we have none other than Tillmann standing in line for the Mall Santa! 18-12-2016
- Gil - Gil is patiently waiting in line for the Mall Santa! 18-12-2016
- Legend of Bill - Looks like Skip, in the year to come, would prefer living in his fantasy... as Bill! 01-01-2017
- Sally Forth - Figures that Ted and Sally would come to the Halloween party as Superman and Wonder Woman! 29-10-2017
- Kevin & Kell - Looks like both Kevin and Kell have brought out their superhero personas for this Halloween event! 29-10-2017
- Legend of Bill - Somebody has made a group effort and come to the Halloween party as Gina, Frank and Bill! 29-10-2017
- Schlock Mercenary - Mike has all the right reasons for his choice of webcomic character Schlock to be! 05-09-2018
- Legend of Bill - This year its Skip and Gwen's turn to dress up as Bill and Co for the Halloween storyline! 24-10-2018

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