In The Puddle
In The Puddle

- None recorded

- None recorded

In The Puddle cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Devil's Panties - Jennie has nothing against Christi panty-flashing her... makes her think of faeries! 06-09-2006
- The Devil's Panties - By the look of Cirque and Jennie's expression... MegaCon is the place to go! 16-02-2007
- In His Likeness - Jamie is busy at the Con with the booth, but he can't beat the interest in his do-rag! 14-08-2008
- A Girl and Her Fed - Otter greets Cique and Kay from behind the merchandise in the booth at the Con! 14-08-2008
- Girls With Slingshots - Danielle's Do-Rag story has a lot to answer to... Jamie for once would like a word! 14-08-2008

Christi "Cique" Johnson cameos/references:
- The Devil's Panties - Well, no matter what, Jennie and Cique IS adorable as fans of each other! 20-06-2006
- The Devil's Panties - Seeing the opportunity, Jennie finds a great use for Christi's tight popo! 20-09-2006
- The Devil's Panties - Christi drives to Con in Texas with Jennie... wackyness for several strips expected! 15-12-2006

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