- None recorded

- Guttersnipe! - For this Mid-November lineup, Scatchi has been dressed up as Lilí Ragamuffin! 12-11-2010
- Wonderella - Benjamin makes a very imposing Wonderella for this Mid-November event! 12-11-2010
- Head Doctor Productions - Pod makes for a very good God for this Mid-November lineup! 12-11-2010
- Oglaf - For the Mid-November occasion, Axl has dressed up as Ivan, the unlucky apprentics! 12-11-2010
- Dumm Comics - Ivy has... dressed down to appear as Skadi for this event lineup! 12-11-2010
- GastroPhobia - Rusty has disguised himself as Filby for this Halloween Mid-November event! 12-11-2010
- Doctor Voluptua - Doing a pretty okay job, Piper has been dressed up as Doctor Voluptua! 12-11-2010

Intragalactic cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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