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Irregular Webcomic

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- Queen of Wands - The end of the alternate ending of Queen of Wands! 25-02-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Making comics out of lego minifigures is nerdish... but a fun form of nerdity! 06-03-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Dead Vampire Lords are not received here! Return to Sender! 09-12-2005
- Dinosaur Comics - Splitting up a Dinosaur Comic in two parts because of size limitation? Tragic! 05-01-2006
- Bob the Angry Flower - Bob gets rid of Lovebot because... he goes beyond a single strip! 01-02-2006
- Freefall - Well, some things just take the time they do... like webcomics and games of Gurps! 17-02-2006
- Casey & Andy - Perhaps David should concentrate on his comic instead of reading Casey & Andy?! 28-02-2006
- On the Rocks - On the Rocks is one of the comics David reads... and gave hime ideas! 09-03-2006
- Gossamer Commons - David clicks through his favorite webcomics, getting GC up for reading! 09-03-2006
- Edible Dirt - David cracks a smile when he gets to read the latest Edible Dirt! 09-03-2006
- Whispered Apologies - Reading WA makes David think back on what happened to his great ideas! 09-03-2006
- Whispered Apologies - In WA style... first you make the comic, then you come up with the script! Gueststrip28-03-2006
- Legostar Galactica - Ensign Red Shirt is switching comics as a term of the Aprils Fools Joke! Gueststrip01-04-2006
- xkcd - Drawing stickfigures may be easier than photoing legos... but doing a GOOD comic with it? 23-01-2007
- xkcd - To make a point on some wellknown comics, there's a tooltip gag in the xkcd-style! 24-07-2007
- Darths & Droids - Fish! Not Dish! But yeah, still a hell of a wrong campaign... needs more droids! Gueststrip17-10-2011

Irregular cameos/references can be found in:
- Legostar Galactica - Even Legofigures checks out Irregular Webcomics, it's so.... realistic? 30-01-2005
- Bugs - Hmm... is it legal for such a Death to manipulate the tiny robot in question?! 02-07-2005
- Legostar Galactica - One of the Deaths of IW is talking to a colleague at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Legostar Galactica - What to do with Vampire Lord bodies? Ship them to Irregular Webcomics! 02-12-2005
- Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre - Jamie and Adam confirms the myth that beards can disguise them among the audience! 26-03-2010

David Morgan-Mar cameos/references:
- Casey & Andy - Hmm... after a 1000 strips, somebody has noticed David has gotten a new monitor! 01-03-2006
- The Adventures of the S-Team - In the closing credits of the S-team, David Morgan-Mar gets a shoutout for his assistance! 08-02-2012

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