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- Almighty Protectors - In Artist's Alley we have a Pinball-cosplayer running the Almighty Protectors booth! 08-07-2020
- The Cat, The Vince, and The Victory - Behind the desk at the CVV-booth in Artist's Alley we find none other than Victory! 08-07-2020
- Oops Comic Adventure - Oops is visiting the Artist Alley of the conventions and doing a little shopping! 08-07-2020
- Jeff & George - Jeff & George walks through Artist's Allery at the convention, checking out the booths! 08-07-2020
- Apricot Cookies - In Artist's Alley there a table set up where Apricot Cookies posters can be bought! 08-07-2020
- Luminous - A cosplayer dressed up as Kaoru is walking the length of Artist's Alley! 08-07-2020
- Wolf Brothers - In her morning attire Alma is cosplaying none other than Clara! 02-09-2020
- Final Light - Looks like Alma has made sure Vanilla can make a dashing Blue cosplay at the Animeme Con 2020! 09-09-2020
- Oni x Fox - Figures that someone would show up at the Animeme Con 2020 cosplaying Fusazane! 09-09-2020
- Ivolice and the Emissaries - A huge poster advertising Ivolice and the Emissaries adorns the wall the con! 09-09-2020
- The Cat, The Vine and the Victory - Looks like an artist is having a sale of hot posters with Mysaphia at this con! 09-09-2020
- Mellisa and Julianna - Some barely seen art showcasing Mellisa and Julianna seems to be up for sale at the con! 09-09-2020
- The Princess is a Total Deviant - If you look closely you spot, in the back, some Princess artwork! 09-09-2020
- Apricot Cookie(s) - Some Apricot Cookie art seems to be up dot sale at the con if you look for it! 09-09-2020
- Alliance 13:13 - One cosplayer at Animeme Con has chosen to dress up as Robin! 09-09-2020
- My Friends in Distantland - A cosplayer at the con has dressed up as Fang, complete with Hop-Hop doll! 09-09-2020
- Amorte - At the Animeme Con 2020 we spot a cosplayer dressed up as Farah! 09-09-2020
- Keinani and Mo'O - One of the people attending Animeme Con is wearing a T-shirt with Mo'O! 09-09-2020

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