Joe Average
Joe Average

- College Roomies From Hell!!!/Life at Bayside - Joining a convension in Bayside! 28-02-2000

- Ashfield Online - Prof. Ashfield gives a lecture in what women really want... they want Ashfield! Gueststrip 21-03-2000
- Nukees - So Gav see Joe Harris as a little of a Dofus? It takes one...! 30-08-2000
- S.S.D.D - Norman doesn't give a %#%Q# about Joe having been around for a year! 30-08-2000
- Look What I Brought Home - Well, Bess has nothing against Joe, but he too thin for her liking! 30-08-2000
- Superosity - When asked, Chris gives his opinion about Joe without hiding anything! 30-08-2000
- Road Waffles - What Merv thinks about Joe Harris can be put in one single word! 30-08-2000
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Roger gives his opinion on the strip's impact on the comic community! 30-08-2000
- Life at Bayside - Looks like Milton lets a previous experience dictate his opinion on Joe! 30-08-2000
- Bobbins - When asked, Shelley would really like to snog Joe... if she was drunk enough that is! 30-08-2000
- Krazy Larry - Wonder if it can be taken as praise if its from Larry? 30-08-2000
- Ashfield Online - Been around for one year, and not killed by Professor Ashfield? Nice! 30-08-2000
- When I Grow Up - What Zoe means about Joe Harris unfortunately has to be consored! 30-08-2000
- Bruno the Bandit - Tough luck Bruno, all that trouble to comment on Joe, and you forget 30-08-2000
- Avalon - Ceilidh must also give her opinion on Joe Average's impact on the comic community! 30-08-2000
- Pentasmal - Pink gives a shot on how bad Joe's comic is... a good short even! 30-08-2000
- Soap on a Rope - Hehehe.. well, after one year, Joe makes Bob look like HE is okay! 30-08-2000
- Melonpool - Mayberry WANTS to say something nice about Joe's one year run, but...! 30-08-2000
- The Mr. Chuck Show - Ned has figured it out... say something nice and get out! 30-08-2000
- Frankenstudent - So Franklin thinks Joe creeps him out after a year in comics? Creepy...! 30-08-2000
- It's Walky! - Not surprisingly, Walky has no idea what he is here for! 30-08-2000
- Elflife - Obviously Baughb tries to make up his mind about what to say about one year of Joe! 30-08-2000
- Newshounds - Okay, guess Joe hasn't made an impact in the community that Kevin noticed! 30-08-2000
- The Wandering Ones - Well Ravenwing, many are weaker than you, Joe probably among them! 30-08-2000
- Help Desk - Plain and simple, Alex tells us what he mean about Joe Harris! 30-08-2000
- Clan of the Cats - Feline Sebastian thinks the fact that Joe could make an impact a good joke! 30-08-2000
- General Protection Fault - For Fooker, Joe is just a copycat, even after a year in the community! 30-08-2000
- Sinfest - Slick is cool, and nobody, especially not Joe, is better than he! 30-08-2000
- Hound's Home - George Glass puts his whole opinion about Joe into one word! 30-08-2000
- You Damn Kid - Guess not everyone has kept up to date with Joe... or cared to! 30-08-2000
- Everything Jake - Whoa! After a year Joe has at least a comic-rivalry with Jake going on!! 30-08-2000
- Real Life - Well, since Greg is dealing with real life, Joe's life CAN sound unrealistic...! 30-08-2000
- Just Another Vice - Its not possible to get a statement out of a bear unless you lure with beer! 30-08-2000
- Alice! - Its easy to distract Alice, so don't worry she can't comment on the anniversary Joe! 30-08-2000
- Funny Farm - PC stops on his way to take over the world, to add something about Joe Average too! 30-08-2000
- The Class Menagerie - Brad makes a short statement... no comments about Joe's community impact! 30-08-2000
- Down to Earth - Okay, when Death hasn't heard about you, you haven't made an impact! 30-08-2000
- Suburban Jungle - Tiffany must have been too busy modeling to pay attention to Joe's presence! 30-08-2000
- Wendy - Since Wendy too is new, is she expected to comment on Joe's impact in the community! 30-08-2000
- Pokey the Penguin - Sounds like some people thinks Joe Average is worse than Pokey the Penguin! 30-08-2000

Joe Average cameos/references can be found in:
- Sit & Spin - Joe has taken a class in Humourous Illustration 102, and is wondering why? 21-02-2000
- Avalon - Well, seen from behind Joe MIGHT look like a cute blond chick! 14-03-2000
- Snail Dust - Joe turns his back to the invisible geek of Female Species! 11-06-2000
- Common Grounds - One can wonder why Joe is sitting all by himself in an almost deserted restaurant? 05-09-2000
- RPG World - Hey! Is that Joe we see hanging out in the street during Hero's flashback? 14-01-2001
- Funny Farm - Joe has joined the support club for CRFH-survivors... but the stories seems boring! 09-07-2000
- Blotto Street - Joe has taken a place in the line for webcomic checking at the Computer Lab! WCA 05-05-2001
- CameoComic - Poor Joe, already in the first wave of battle against EOU he is brought down! 14-09-2007

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