Just Another Escape
Just Another Escape

- None recorded

- None recorded

Just Another Escape cameos/references can be found in:
- Parallel Dementia - Both Phil and Solina are to be found in the background city crowd! 29-03-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Small robotic Bean stands in front of the mayer, protective! 10-05-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Looks like the little Robotic Bean's mother is actually the Doctor! 18-02-2008
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Poor little Kimberly Sterling, watchign her balloon sail away! 09-04-2008
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Kirk's classic look as Prof. Bacon looks good this Halloween! 31-10-2009
- Cerintha - Anikia actually does well as ancient soldier walking and sacking Rome...! 16-11-2009
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Both Anikia and Solina show up among the crowd to see the prizes handed out! 23-07-2010

Alex "Kirb" Miller cameos/references:
- Atavism - Well... you actually don't need a reason for beating Kirb... multiple times! 27-12-2006
- Terrible Things - Alex plays the card of Kimberly Sterling, hoping to reap the bonuses! 16-11-2007
- Dissent - Kirb plays a mean game of poker, keep an eye out for expressions on his opponent! 23-03-2007
- Reckless Youth - Aah... come on Kirb! Isn't it fun working under such premium conditions? 25-03-2007
- Emergency Exit - Neighbour Kirb eyes suspiciously the travelling postman Harvoc in his perils! 09-01-2008
- Parallel Dementia - Reporter Kirb does his best to make sense out of the arson news from Burscape! 14-01-2008
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - King Mitovaan is introduced, and Kirb is in the audience! 11-02-2008

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