The Justinian Empire
The Justinian Empire

- None recorded

- Spells & Whistles - E'los' was around in the background... looking for an exit or something? Archived locallyStrip 2043
- Least I Could Do - Stands to reason that the first Rayne Summers does is finding a girl to hit on! Archived locallyStrip 2043
- Asylum on the 5th Street - When Jin says no, she MEANS no... better not try any further mister! Archived locallyStrip 2043
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - Frankin scowls while taking in the surroundings and the strange people there! Archived locallyStrip 2043
- Altermeta - Sasha and the Scrunchy is something that MAY... be better away from you! Archived locallyStrip 2043

The Justinian Empire cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Justin Childress cameos/references:
- BadBlood - Justin Childress is taking his time playing his hand in cards! 22-09-2004

Hogan's Notes:

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