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- Bad Guy High - Looks like the newest Bad Guy High video is out for sale on the top row! 03-04-2012
- Evil Overlords United - The Crossover Wars have been made into movies. This one has the Editor on the cover! 03-04-2012
- Fusion - Flamer seems to be hanging out at the bar, having a relaxing drink! 05-04-2012
- Magellan - Looks like Charisma Epoch's latest hit is out and can be found on the jukebox! 06-04-2012
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress appears accidently into the pocketdimension that is Club 501! 09-04-2012
- Life & Death - How could you ever keep Steve away from a bar like Club 501 that offers free drinks? 11-04-2012
- Jenny Everywhere - Jenny watches as drunkeness makes Eiderdown loose her inhibitions! 13-04-2012
- Life & Death - For this very special issue, Tempore is going straight for... Chaos?? 01-05-2012
- Unicorn Jelly - In order to respect the Balance, you got to play a game of Taasen? 02-05-2012
- Comfortably Numb - A quick detour through Comfortably Numb brings Tempore on author-course! 07-05-2012
- Heroes Unite - When Astral developed his super powers and became a superhero he could join up with Heroes Unite! 08-05-2012
- Energize - Energize was a hero of Astral's, and he wants to meet him when he becomes a superhero 08-05-2012
- The KAMics - Tempore needs to enter another universe, but first he got to deal with... the Queue! 18-05-2012
- Evil Overlords United - In the second special edition, Tempore is going to face off against... The Editor? :o 01-06-2012
- Life & Death - In the olden days of Shelterville, Tempore saw both Steve and Bobby hanging out! 05-06-2012
- Darian's Friends - Kori did spend some time in the town of Shelterville, and that's where Tempore spotted him! 05-06-2012
- Magical Misfits - Wander did make an impression at the party in Shelterville... a naked one even! 05-06-2012
- The KAMics - A trip through time and Shelterville lets Tempore meet both the Trunk and naked Nikki motorcycling! 05-06-2012
- The KAMics - Inside the future of Tempore's head an image of Ratatosk appears! 11-06-2012
- Supermegatopia - A horde of Draconic Monsters...? Is that what's in the future of Supermegatopia? 11-06-2012
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Something's missing from the Repository!? Or will... according to Tempore! 11-06-2012
- CameoComic - A chaotic and blasted room... is thats whats in the future for CameoComic according to Tempore? 11-06-2012
- Mindmistress - According to the visions of Tempore, Mindmistress will face some serious opponents in the future! 11-06-2012
- Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - Judging by this, Clwyd-Rhan will face a demonic invasion some time in the future! 11-06-2012
- Circle Arcadia - In the glimpses of the future provided by Tempore, we spot a scheming Queen Demona! 11-06-2012
- P.S.I. - Ernst brought Tempore out of the prison of the EOU but didn't even get a "Thank You"! 18-06-2012
- Life & Death - Steve, Steve and Chaos, all hanging out at Dahk-Tuin during the 2007 Caper when Tempore visits! 18-06-2012
- Times Like This - Small talk and interrogations to find the killer... and Cassie is one of those on the track! 30-10-2012
- Harkovast - The sign on the board says "Read Harkovast", and that more or less says it all! 04-07-2013
- Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - Hey! It looks like Brushhead is one of those summoned for the Grand Vizier's Battle Royale! 05-08-2013
- Retake - Looks like Retake has made it into the movies... at least according to the poster! 10-01-2014

Karabear Comics Unlimited cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devon Legacy - Eiderdown has arrived with the team to deal with the threat from the Fathum! 22-08-2013
- The KAMics - The "Karabear Twister" is as the name implies... a drink that'll put a spin on it! 25-12-2013
- Almighty Protectors - We spot a glimpse of Eiderdown as the chase passes through Karebear's dimension! 21-04-2021
- Almighty Protectors - The Almighty Protectors team up with the heroes from Karabear Comics Umlimited! 22-12-2021

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- American Gothic - Aggie takes draws blood in her interrogation of Tempore during the Crossover Wars! 15-06-2012
- The KAMics - Is the Cameowhoring going so badly that KAM has resorted to advertising on the board at the 501 bar? 04-07-2013
- The KAMics - Sounds like Hogan has gone off the deep end and are finally going after KAM for good! 03-10-2013
- Magical Misfits - Hogan is angrily planning his revenge against Ron when he is finally cut short! 03-10-2013
- Life & Death - Joff would have been a key element in Hogans revenge... if he had been allowed to continue! 03-10-2013

Ave "Karabear" Messer cameos/references:
- The KAMics - Bring Karabear, Ave Messer has shown up as a member of the Cameowhore organization! 30-07-2012
- The KAMics - Ave swims to safety after the mysterious shipwreck, and has even saved Karabear! 05-08-2013
- The KAMics - Kara Bear is quite sure that the whole reason The KAMics got nominated is a great conspiracy! 18-08-2014

Hogan's Notes:

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