Karen the Marilith
Karen the Marilith

- None recorded

- Kurenai Mashin - On the Boss' screen we see one of the note pages for Kurenai Mashin! 01-02-2007
- Proto Culture Comics - Turning on the Tube, Karen sees Hero advertising for people to join the Riot! 29-03-2007
- Saturday Knights - Min and Nym has shown up to present the cake for Athena's birthday celebration! 18-10-2007

Karen the Marilith cameos/references can be found in:
- WarMage - From comics away, Warmage touches Karen's latent magical energy! MA content warning!07-07-2008
- Off Hours - Being the owner of a Pub seems to be a perfect job for Karen with her arms... at hand! 04-01-2010

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