Killroy and Tina
Killroy and Tina

- None recorded

- Owlie! - Of all the birds to talk to... and she woke up Owlie! 12-02-2003
- Narbonic - Looks like Helen has changed from Gerbils to playing with Macaw DNA... for Science! 31-07-2004
- Narbonic - Dunno who got the worst day... Brandon gets to play around with bird droppings and radiation! 01-09-2004
- Reckless Life - Looks like Locke is getting quite a surprise during his daring midnight heist! 04-05-2005
- Magellan - Too bad Tina did turn down that invitation from Magellan Justice Academy! 18-06-2005

Killroy and Tina cameos/references can be found in:
- Amazon Space Rangers - Killroy and Tina have taken the day off to visit the Scientificon 2002! 19-10-2002
- Magellan - Don't expect Killroy to hang around in alleys, but the writing on the wall says he WAS here! 25-09-2005
- Mindmistress - The Fulcrum is summoned to help Mindmistress travel the realities! Horrible Thoughts P. 15
- Mindmistress - Killroy didn't want to become the Editor's subordinate, instead be became his prisoner! 04-05-2007
- The Crossoverlord - It took time before Killroy could stand among the heroes, but he has earned his place here! 11-08-2009
- The Crossoverlord - In case of a universal blending of dimensions, Killroy & Tina's world will go with the rest! 18-04-2010

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