- None recorded

- Sluggy Freelance - Wonder if Bun-Bun can even be considered an obstacle you have a chance against? 14-10-2005
- RPG World - Hero also seems to be questing, so.. he must be an opponent! 14-10-2005
- /usr/bin/w00t - That definitely looks like Grandma BFG is also questing... armed as usual! 14-10-2005
- Repository of Dangerous Things - Once upon a time, a normal day in the repository! 21-10-2005
- Something Positive - An inner child is having way more fun with a Choo Choo Bear T-shirt! 25-12-2005
- Count Your Sheep - When you feel like your world break apart, your ship plushie come in handy! 01-06-2006
- /usr/bin/w00t - Another quiet day at work... until Sarah is called to the office! 08-03-2006
- Sanity Check - When you boss calls you to his office by email, its not Joshua's cup of tea! 08-03-2006

Kismetropolis cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Kismetropolis cameos/references can be found in:
- AACMAW - A homage to Kismetropolis which celebrated its one year anniversary! 28-02-2006

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