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- None recorded

Kyria cameos/references can be found in:
- Life Less Ordinary - When you are not busy in Kyria, you might as well walk the streets in an entire other comic! 26-07-2014
- I, Mummy - Xerxes was one day carrying home a package when Mr. Lewis gutted and killed him! 01-10-2014
- Blitz Phoenix - The calender on the wall showcases none other than Hitero and Bastian for November! 28-11-2014
- Princess Chroma - Say, is that Vael we see there lining up for an autographed book from PC? 10-12-2014
- Princess Chroma - In her fox form, Violene is going to help feed the hungry of the world along with the rest of the volunteers! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015

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