- None recorded

- The Dementia of Magic - A is for Alex whose magic went south! 08-10-2003
- Catharsis - B is for Baxter who foamed at the mouth! 09-10-2003
- Cat and Girl - C is for Cat who liked lead's sweet taste! 10-10-2003
- Goats - E is for Eric. turned into fondue! 12-10-2003
- FusionD - F is for Fusion, the world given its due! 13-10-2003
- Funny Farm - G is for Gulius, too much did he know! 14-10-2003
- Boxjam's Doodle - H is for Hudson, 'mina did outgrow! 15-10-2003
- Basil Flint, P.I - I is for Illiad, of what we're not sure! 16-10-2003
- It's Walky! - J is for Joyce, her heart was too pure! Archived locally17-10-2003
- Kevin & Kell - K is for Kevin, in a trap he was caught! 18-10-2003
- Silly Cone V - L is for Lisa, of no one to spot! 19-10-2003
- Framed - M is for Mike, from a cartoonist who's cruel! 20-10-2003
- Avalon - N is for Nancy, killed in a duel! 21-10-2003
- Owlie! - O is for Owlie, who got sleepies eternal! 22-10-2003
- General Protection Fault - P is for Persephone, of disinfectant infernal! 23-10-2003
- Melonpool - Q is for Quack, whom Sammy did roast! Archived locally24-10-2003
- Floyd - R is for Rouha, while making some toast! 25-10-2003
- PvP Online - S is for Skull, who ate the last mint! 26-10-2003
- Penny Arcade - T is for Tycho, who in deathmatch was spent! 27-10-2003
- Sluggy Freelance - U is for Uozin, 'oo bled out and died! 28-10-2003
- Checkerboard Nightmare - V is for Vaporware, whose logic was fried! 01-11-2003
- Wigu - W is for Wigu, of poison did taste! 11-11-2003
- Schlock Mercenary - X is for Xinchub, in the vastness of space! 12-11-2003
- Fight, Cast Or Evade - Y is for Yerzle, felled flat with a thud! 13-11-2003
- Zortic - Z is for Zortic, whose Prize was a dud! 14-11-2003

Labgoats cameos/references can be found in:
- Purple Duck Mambo - Geeks stick together, so Innis is supposed to be in the Labgoats comic? 10-09-2001
- Everyday Stuff - Laura & Del has placed themselves in the queue... but who knows for what? 07-04-2006
- Mad About U. - Laura has been line up among the Babes of Mad Science for this mega-poster! 01-11-2006

Petie Shumate cameos/references:
- Impy & Aevy - It's great to be a judge at a Dog Show! Petie even gets his taxes done! 05-05-2006

Hogan's Notes:

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