Lady Spectra & Sparky
Lady Spectra & Sparky

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- Grrl Power - Well, if you have ArcSWAT at your back you are never truly fighting alone! 14-11-2016
- Young Protectors - The Young Protectors are sure ready to step up if the world needs fought for! 14-11-2016
- Gyno-Star - You are not the only one fighting this battle, The Social Justice League is also at hand! 14-11-2016
- Tales To Behold - No Lady Spectra, the world might have The Odds to fight for it, but it also needs you! 14-11-2016
- Inferno - Looks like Sting is among the massed villains to take out Lady Spectra and Sparky! 15-12-2017
- The KAMics - The Evil Extras have send henchwoman Barb to partake in the attack against Lady Spectra! 15-12-2017
- Ley Lines - Dream Eater jumps into the attack against Lady Spectra and Sparky! 22-12-2017
- Boogieland or Bust! - Armed and determined, Dr III charges Lady Spectra and Sparky to get the reward! 22-12-2017
- The Strangest Coven - Seren might be superb against white witches, but here its Lady Spectra and Sparky that matters! 22-12-2017
- Kaza's Mate Gwenna - Doctor Falcon and several other villains have arrived to take on Lady Spectra and Sparky! 22-12-2017
- SCARRed for Life - Lady Spectra seems about to come out short as she face off against the A-Mortals! 05-01-2018
- Space Kid! - Doctor Conquest is determined not letting Lady Spectra and Sparky getting away, there's a reward! 12-01-2018
- Botur's Fight Squad - Another villain Lady Spectra might face when she comes down... ChromeGnome! 12-01-2018
- The KAMics - The stinging Cactus is ready to confront lady Spectra & Sparky! 12-01-2018
- Imaginary - The hulking form of Bruce Dellinger is blinded by the combiend powers of Lady Spectra and Sparky! 12-01-2018
- Cryptida - Both Strange and Charm are rendered powerless by the full strobe of the hero's combined powers! 12-01-2018
- Purple Vixen - Lady Spectra makes short work of Purple Vixen and her Lilac Girls! 19-01-2018
- Mutant Elf - Sparky takes Poison Ivory down with one well-aimed blast! 19-01-2018
- Wyrecats - Jens Larson did his best, but a right left from Lady Spectra did better! 19-01-2018
- Consolers - Sparky takes Konami out with a nice kick to the head... ending the battle! 19-01-2018

Lady Spectra & Sparky cameos/references can be found in:
- The Crossoverlord - Lady Spectra and Sparky receive Balls so they can become part of the superhero network! 06-05-2010
- The Crossoverlord - An interdimensional calling device at hand? Off course its made for twittering! Gueststrip18-06-2010
- Thomas & Zachary - In the service of the polics corps, no problem is too big for Lt. Bernie Kominsky, not even that robot! 22-11-2015

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