Las Lindas
Las Lindas

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- Caribbean Blue - Obviously enjoying time at the beach, Tina also stops for an icecream! 13-06-2005
- Caribbean Blue - Having a great time at the dance, Yuki takes the swings with her partner! 02-05-2007
- Bittersweet Candy Bowl - On this year's calender we find none less than Mike and Lucy featured! 19-01-2011
- Peaches & Cream - So, somebody has been watching Peaches & Cream on their PC, eh? 19-01-2011
- DMFA - Looks like we have Kria Soulstealer walking around in the background... better beware! 03-01-2013
- My Life With Fel - In the background we spot none other than Mugger being around! 03-01-2013
- Sequential Art - Looks like we have Pip visiting the gaming store... looking for a good buy to sell? 09-01-2013
- Mystery Babylon - Kick seems a bit annoyed about having to wait while Zero browses the Gaming Store's accessory! 09-01-2013
- Galleon - A magnificent Galleon-poster featuring Tanka adorns the wall in the Gaming Shop! 09-01-2013
- Galleon - Looks like Tanka wants to try something new and is going to look for work on Las Lindas? 17-04-2013
- My Life With Fel - Looks like Fel didn't meet Minos' expectations and got a job at the farm? ??-05-2013
- Galleon - I can imagine a lot of situations at the farm where Tanka and her club could come in handy! 06-06-2013
- Tina of the South - Who would think Tina only had one gun? She IS going for a job on the farm! 06-06-2013
- Knuckle Up - On this ship Acolyte Hawke seems to having come on the wrong side of Captain Minos! 09-07-2016
- Knuckle Up - Acolyte Rush interrupt Captain Minos and Geecku in a very... shaking moment! 29-07-2016
- Caribbean Blue - High above the spectator-seats we easily spot a Caribbean Blue banner! BatB, 05-05-2008
- Caribbean Blue - Looks like Maya have an a couple of interesting choices for night-entertainment! BatB, 03-05-2009

Las Lindas cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Looking cute and innocent, Cori is Halloween-dressed up as Mora! 31-10-2005
- Yosh! - Mora takes the center in this Katbox Christmas Special at Yosh! 23-12-2009
- Bittersweet Candy Bowl - On the wall we find the latest poster from singer and starlet Hope! 14-02-2011
- Bittersweet Candy Bowl - Looks like Sarah gets in on the laugh in the last panel at least! 21-03-2011
- DMFA - Away with all the sugarcoating, this is how Las Lindas COULD have been! 30-09-2011
- Caribbean Blue - Looks like Las Lindas is not the only place where you can get GR8! 19-02-2012
- Yosh! - Angel stops by to talk to Blue about a Commission... and to paint Easter Eggs! 09-04-2012
- My Life With Fel - Rachel and Taffy have both shown up to give a surpriseparty for Mugger and Tina! 06-01-2013
- Yosh! - Nora has donned a sweater and shows up in the Yosh Christmas celebration line! 23-12-2013
- Rascals - A pictures celebrating 10 years of Las Lindas is featured prominently on the screen! 19-09-2014
- Knuckle Up - Two of the members of Deva's "Bikini Space Pirate Squad" looks to be Mora and Alejandra! xx-xx-2015
- Rascals - The girls are about to enter "Los Lindos" where everyone is in for a genderbended treat! 22-01-2016
- Rascals - A poster with a wimsy sweaterclad Mora adorns the wall in the bedroom! 29-04-2016
- Rascals - A "Cousin Sunny" that works on a farm? That does sound like somebody we know! 18-06-2016
- Desert Fox - Taffy is obviously just out for a walk and a chat in the park... to Chris' enjoyment! 04-05-2016
- Debunkers - Nixie visits Mora's farm to debunk the disappearance of tea... and she'll get more to debunk! 04-09-2016
- Debunkers - Nixie returns to the farm to investigate and Taffy invites in! 05-11-2016
- Desert Fox - That looks to me like a picture of Geecku Des has hanging on his wall? 10-11-2016
- UberQuest - Taffy and Randal seems to fit in nicely in the streets of this world, probably thinking its a game! 30-11-2016
- Paprika - Tammy is one cute model figurine, and she's just one of a whole set! 13-01-2017
- UberQuest - Looks like we have none other than Tila Sunrise here at the inn, barking up the wrong tree! 07-02-2017
- Rascals - Off course daddy is reading the newest Las Lindas booklet out loud for the kids! 11-03-2017
- Rascals - And there we have Miles and Rachael out for a nice walk together! 03-06-2017
- Rascals - That's one lovely poster with Taffy the family have hanging there on the wall! 19-08-2017
- Rascals - Wonder where Amanda has gotten that Mora-ring she seems to be wearing? 31-08-2018
- Rascals - Yes, I think a certain cute patched cowgirl would LOVE to advertising the drink in the magazine! 15-01-2021
- My Life With Fel - Among the girls surprising Bunny from the balcony we easily spot Mora! 15-02-2021
- Knuckle Up - Both Sarah and Mora is a part of Deva's "Armee Sexy" and its easy to see why! Page 124

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