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- None recorded

Latera cameos/references can be found in:
- MEAU! - Hana is deeply impressed anf flustered over the fact that Ray knows her friend Hana! 27-12-2020
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Samantha seems to be a member of the gang that likes beating up people and kids for fun! 01-12-2022
- Mythic Mayhem - With some creativeness a spitting image of Noruh has been made as a snowman! 09-12-2022
- Brokent Beats - Among the spectators to Suddenly Found's Ray's oneman show we spot none other than Hana! 13-01-2023
- Guardian Wings - Noruh was just walking the part and engaging in chatter when suddenly Ethan went jumping overhead! 19-05-2023

Hogan's Notes:

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