WLCD - The News Chicks
WLCD - The News Chicks

- Clan of the Cats - This Halloween Chelsea and Raven host a party together which brings... confrontations! 24-06-2002

- When I Grow Up - To better the quality of the comic, todays strip is drawn in W.I.G.U-style! 12-01-2000
- Goats - For further bettering of the site... Goats-style and chickens are used! 17-01-2000
- When I Grow Up - Zoe and Gina approcahes Raven, asking if they can keep their Richter-drawn bodies! 19-01-2000
- Clan of the Cats - Chelsea Chattan guest-hosts in her own Son of Shock Theater! 07-10-2005

News Chicks cameos/references can be found in:
- Cool Cat Studio - The Cool Cat crew meet Raven and friends downtown! Gueststrip31-03-2001
- Cool Cat Studio - You CAN say Raven is belonging to a minority... a little minority! Gueststrip21-04-2001
- Blotto Street - Raven Svoboda reports live for the webcomic queu! WCA 05-05-2001
- Clan of the Cats - Raven visits Chelsea and is in for one heck of a dimensional adventure! 15-04-2002

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