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- Irregular Webcomics - Even Legofigures checks out Irregular Webcomics, it's so.... realistic? 30-01-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - One of the Deaths of IW is talking to a colleague at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- The Noob - Ohforf'sake and Hypatia are hanging out at the 3 year Anniversary Party! 25-08-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - What to do with Vampire Lord bodies? Ship them to Irregular Webcomics! 02-12-2005
- Lightbringer - With Lightbringer lego-fied, there's things thats just bound to happen to a red shirt! Gueststrip31-08-2006
- Cortland - Skip finally returns from his stay in Cortland's dimension... which just ended its run of history! 28-10-2008
- Tranquility Base - Wonder if Squidman has pulled a bigger bread than he can bake in his dealing with Gary? 25-03-2012
- Tranquility Base - Action prompts reaction... Chief Houston Texas hits on Shauna, she hits him back! 09-12-2012

Legostar Galactica cameos/references can be found in:
- Cortland - Not a great jam without a Lego-participant, and here he comes! 19-05-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - Making comics out of lego minifigures is nerdish... but a fun form of nerdity! 06-03-2005
- The Foxfire Chronicles - On top of the screen, a single little Lego-figurine has been put! 03-06-2005
- Bugs - Red Shirt faces another immdiate death... by being run over by a tiny robot!! 02-07-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - Dead Vampire Lords are not received here! Return to Sender! 09-12-2005
- The Adventures of the S-Team - 4675736B is in the panel to talk about Giant Robots in webcomics! 07-08-2006
- Torio - So they've finally made Legostar Galactica the Movie? About time! 15-01-2007
- Irregular Webcomics - Ensign Red Shirt is switching comics as a term of the Aprils Fools Joke! Gueststrip01-04-2006
- Modern Love - Ever wondered if this parody could have had a real place in Legostar Galactica? 25-02-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Off course the EO's wants to keep an eye on the crew of the Muffin! 26-02-2007
- Distant Eras - Legostar the Movie will be a blockbuster that'll beat the whole Star Wars trilogy! 05-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The EO's are keeping watch on Legostar Galactica, featuting Boba Feth! 16-03-2007
- Parallel Dementia - Belinda has again come looking for a bar in which to mind her own business! 09-11-2007
- Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre - Alison and Sven hired as Inter-dimensionel security experts?... now thats a stretch! 26-03-2010
- Cafe Gruesome - Captain Robert Smith is allowed some fun outside the cafe with his new engraved Christmas gift! 25-12-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- L'ames - Tonight, on Late Night With Boba Fett, we present... Sam Wong! Soon to be beaten...! 03-11-2003
- Operation TC - Figthing in the lines of the Sith is none other than Darth Jailbait, also know as RA! 01-06-2005
- Twice Destined - The Loser Hero has joined the ranks of the Sith under the alias of Darth Stabbity! 01-06-2005
- Super Fight Fight!!! - As Darth Drunkard, Birdie has joined the first lines among the Sith! 01-06-2005
- Pimpette & Associates - When she fights for the Sith, Pimpette goes evil as Darth Burgerninja! 01-06-2005
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - Netpoet slithers forth as Jedi Master Netpo Et in the lines of the Jedi! 01-06-2005
- Many Tidings Grim - As Count Corganoo, Corgan Dane is a grim addition ot the ranks of the Jedi! 01-06-2005
- My Underworld - Jedu Knight Tyn is ready to fight for the light side of the Force! 01-06-2005
- Angry D.Monkey - Among the Jedi, K-Dawg jumps into the fight as Jedi Master Kee-on Dawg! 01-06-2005
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - Netpoet must stick his head in through the portal to be at the party! 25-08-2005
- Twice Destined - At the edge of the great 3 year Anniversary Party, TLH can be seen hanging out! 25-08-2005
- Dim Bulb Comics - Both Noise Monkey & Chaos Cricket watch the life at the party unfold! 25-08-2005
- Digital War - War heats up the party by blasting Ensign Red Shirt with his heavy weaponry! 25-08-2005
- Gunmetal Annie - Figures that Mercury Hat likes to cuddle the one with the big guns! 25-08-2005
- Veğrblaka - Turi, with his telltale helmet, watches the carnage unfold at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Shellshocked Comics - Off course you can find Crossfire at the comic's great 3 year Anniversay party! 25-08-2005
- Many Tidings Grim - I sure hope Corgan Dane is not talking shop at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- McDuffies - There's no mistaking the catlike avatar of McDuffies around the crowd of the party! 25-08-2005
- Mooman Adventures - Welldressed Mooman is having a conversation with Belinda at the party! 25-08-2005
- Michiko Monagatari - Isuki is enjoying herself at the party, having a chat with Belinda! 25-08-2005
- Operation TC - Mighty and menacing, RA has time to relax and enjoy herself at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Reasoned Cognition - Floating along the walls, Ryan Kolter takes part in the 3 year Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Elf Only Inn - It's not easy to overlook the many-armed avatar of Sortelli at the party! 25-08-2005
- Head Doctor Productions - Hat upside down, Stinkywigfiddle is having a party-chat with Shauna! 25-08-2005
- Ugly Girl - Obviously enjoying herself at the party, Nanda is having a chat with Shauna! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - K-Dawg the monkey jumps happily along the tables of the party, chasing Robin! 25-08-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC. - CJ enjoys herself at the Anniversay party, chasing a fleeing Robin! 25-08-2005
- Darken - She found out Robin was afraid of Drow, so Komiyan is chasing him as a partygame! 25-08-2005
- Pimpette & Associates - Pimpette's pointy witch-hat can be seen clearly at the Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Chat Rouge - Kris X, the cat with the red back, is lounging at the table in the middle of the party! 25-08-2005
- Super Fight Fight!!! - Birdie is around at the 3 year Anniversary party, probably looking for the bar! 25-08-2005
- The Menagerie - With his telltale googles, Jops has an eye on everybody around at the party! 25-08-2005
- JunkRIOT - Wearing her devious glasses and smile for the Anniversary party, M2 is out for fun! 25-08-2005
- Thespiphobia - Up on the balcony we find Leko surveying the Anniversary party below! 25-08-2005
- Reckless Youth - Even letting his hair down, Claude still has a great view from the balcony! 25-08-2005
- Cortland - From the balcony, Cortland has a great overview of the 3 year Anniversary party! 25-08-2005
- Alternate Delusions - Obvioulsy LZorro has taken on a sparetime job and become a tourguide! 11-05-2009
- Reasonable Clever - In the future Captain Christopher Doyle seems to be a member of the new Alliance! 01-04-2011
- Tranquility Base - In the background Captain Louise Dade enters the room in her customized hoverchair! 04-04-2011

D.M. "Legostar" Jeftinija cameos/references:
- Thespiphobia - Legostar is so eager to see the show that he is literally jumping the seats! 13-03-2005
- Cortland - Dressed up in cloak and mask, Legostar really wants to see Hitchhikers! 02-05-2005
- Darken - Private Legostar should watch out! Or... watch his back! 21-09-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Science Officer Lego Star is NOT happy and speaks out of turn! 02-12-2005
- Cortland - Its pretty well done for a little Legostar to keep up in the chase for a review! 31-03-2006
- Pointless - The man behind the controls is none other than the rarely spotted Real Life Legostar! 08-05-2006
- Cortland - Legostar has a great time in the middle of the girl sandwich! 08-06-2006
- Cortland - Human Legostar doesn't look too thrilled about a future as single! 06-09-2006
- Cortland - Legostar himself is on the cover of the Legostar movie! 13-09-2006
- JunkRIOT - At the hospital, Dr. Legostar happily shows his girlfriendnurse around! 22-09-2006
- The Volet - There's no mistaking the bulky shadowy form and evil laughter of Legostar here! 22-09-2006
- Tales of Pylea - Charming D. M. Jeftinija is ruling the tavern by force of personality! 24-09-2006
- Emergency Exit - Doctor Legostar gives Bob the news about Karl's state of health! 24-10-2006
- Strange Happenings - Dressed for Halloween, Legostar flees the house in fear! 01-11-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Hehehe... Lego actually looks pretty okay as a Halfling Munchkin character! 26-01-2007
- BlockTales - A whole storyline in which the cast must find Dr. Legostar in order to save the Collector! 17-01-2011
- The Adventures of the S-Team - Thanks goes out in the closing credits to Dr. Dusan Jeftinija for his assistance with comic! 08-02-2012

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