Life On a Stick
Life On a Stick

- None recorded

- The Devil's Panties - Surly seems to be watching Obby eating tentacles with mixed morbid feelings! 11-06-2012

Life On a Stick cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Wendy "Surly Queen" Witherow Torres cameos/references:
- Pixel Pandemonium - Yep, he deserved that when not approving of Surly Queen's style! 09-08-2010
- The Devil's Panties - Surly Queen gets up early and mountaintrekking with Jennie and Crew... not wuzzing out! 23-03-2011
- The Devil's Panties - Like Jennie, Surly Queen gets a porsitive surprise when they see the contents of the pinata! 20-01-2012
- The Devil's Panties - Looks like both Jennit and Surly Queen agree on the upbringing of cupcake babies! 21-05-2012
- The Devil's Panties - Surly Queen and the girls really take a liking to Becca's coat... to her horror! 19-12-2012

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