Little Bat Koku
Little Bat Koku

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- Magical Misfits - Looks like Wheels has gotten out to do a little shopping alone today! 25-08-2008
- NewGirl - Our favorite New Girl and Edwyn seems to have done quite a lot of happy shopping! 25-08-2008
- NewGirl - So, does that sign mean that the New Girl Movie is out? 09-08-2010

Little Bat Koku cameos/references can be found in:
- Magical Misfits - A certain little bas has flewn in on time to take part in the 600 Strip party! 05-10-2007
- NewGirl - The team-up we all have been waiting for... NewGirl and Little Bat Koku! 19-06-2008
- NewGirl - I can't remember if Koku has had the same problem... opponents hitting on her? 31-07-2008
- M. Organ Art - Terry is wearing a sparkling familiar bat-costume for her charming endevaurs! MA content warning!13-11-2008
- Magical Misfits - Cute as ever, Koku makes a dashing appearence at the celebrational photoshot! 08-12-2008
- Magical Misfits - Bats of Koku and Kita arrives from the skies over Shelterville to take part in the Shower Party! 13-03-2009
- Magical Misfits - Just another bat? No, even dressed like Koku, Lana would never be just another bat! 06-07-2011
- M. Organ Art - The heroic adventures of Koku has been written down, now to be found in bookform! MA content warning!22-07-2013

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