Living With Insanity
Living With Insanity

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- Least I Could Do - So thats what The Simpsons are reduced to? Stealing punchlines from LICD? 28-01-2009
- Megatokyo - Everything just gets so sad so sad... has David been reading Megatokyo again? 13-02-2009
- PvP Online - Would reading PvP make you forget to have fun... or worse? 13-02-2009
- True Groove - When Kitty Ryan breaks in and take over the comic, you can expect... changes! Gueststrip01-04-2009
- The Author - When trouble is afoot and innocent lives are at stake, you call... the Author! 01-05-2009
- PvP Online - A strip that delves into the fantasy lands of PvP... and the rest of us to a degree! 22-09-2009
- xkcd - Will David start talking to himself just like in xkcd? Read on and find out! 18-10-2009
- Least I Could Do - Nope, no flashback and forwarding ripping off of a Christmas Carol like in LICD here! 18-10-2009
- Order of the Stick - So David compares himself to Order of the Stick because he is insecure? Figures! 18-10-2009
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Some would say drama in CAD made people stop reading... other would say it improved it! 22-10-2009
- Megatokyo - What can we say? There HAS been a lot of drama over in Megatokyo! 22-10-2009
- PvP Online - Who to better consult when its about creating doom-droid bodies? Scratch Fury off course! 10-05-2010
- The Author - Once again Michael finds himself in trouble... but first a knighting! 10-05-2010
- Penny Arcade - Yeah, just because it works for Penny Arcade doesn't mean it works for everybody else! 22-07-2010
- Dumbing of Age - Amazigirl is immune ot Critism, and Faz is immune to ... common sense! 15-02-2011
- Girls with Slingshots - What can I say? Thea starring in THAT movie would really make a hit! 15-03-2011
- Shortpacked! - On the Lost Shelf at the shop stands one of the exclusive Amber figurines! 31-10-2011
- Misfile - A soft Ash-doll is one of the things that seems to have ended up on the Forgotten Shelf! 31-10-2011

Living With Sanity cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Author - Yeah, no boobs to be shown if The Author ran the show, he IS that big of a dick! Gueststrip02-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - When you need a veteran artist, you go interview Lar DeSouza... with pudding a result! 30-06-2009
- Least I Could Do - Ryah Sohmer is shocked over old Lar just having a heartattack caused by explosion! 05-07-2009
- PvP Online - ... yes, some Scott Kurtz things need to be censored... we cannot always live with out insanity! 12-01-2010
- PvP Online - Scott Kurtz and Ted Rall's mutual realtionship, now redone with toilet roll tubes! 04-04-2010

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