- None recorded

- Impulse - With blood spattered around him, the superhero Bunny jumps into the drawing! 08-08-2007
- So Bored - In the header, watching the spectacle, we see... Crazy Dutchman! 24-12-2007
- Fullmoon Stories - With a half-smile and closed eye, Juno surveys the New Year Card antics! 24-12-2007
- Mikyagu - In the top row, Warrior has been added to the characters of the New Year's Card! 24-12-2007
- Tweebus - It actually looks like Nub in the top tries to outcool everybody else! 24-12-2007
- Apple Crew - Wideeyed Carrot Stick looks at all the various gathered characters! 24-12-2007
- Nonsensical Ravings - There's no doubt about Banana being one of the characters in the top! 24-12-2007
- South of Sanity - Its almost as if Radec is scowling at the readers loooking at the New Year's Card!? 24-12-2007
- Rakina - Mokat takes the header of the New Year's Card with a bright smile! 24-12-2007
- This Ego of Mine - Much can be said, but Kristin DO look extreme in her Mistress-outfit! 24-12-2007
- Pixel Plumbers - Seriously mutated Mario takes a step on the New Year's Card of 2008! 24-12-2007
- Like Fish in Water - The famous Fishbowl appear in the New Year's Card... but without its inhabitants! 24-12-2007
- Second Wind - Riding an imaginary boke, Joseph enters the New Year's Card from the right! 24-12-2007
- Silvershot - Zera's Sword is a memorable item in the Locoma New Year's Card of 2008! 24-12-2007
- Divine Leap - Surprised Darren is to find somebody pretty similar to himself in the News Year's Card! 24-12-2007
- Exonia Saga - The dreaded Sand Pirate Guy twirls into the Locoma New Year's Card of 2008! 24-12-2007
- Hand Drawn - Naked and eager, Vixie hunts her favourite love... snow! Then snow is not so happy...! 24-12-2007
- Evil Snowman - The Evil Snowman has found something more dangerous to him than a hairdryer! 24-12-2007
- Wolf - Stalking the New Year's Card as pencilled ghost, Finst is the embodient of a MIB! 24-12-2007
- Ultimate X - Crawling into the New Year's Card, Frogman stares omniously out at the readers! 24-12-2007
- M. Organ Art - In his new outfit for the New Year's Card, M. Organ looks really hip for a womanizer! 24-12-2007
- Lola - Okay, now we know how a small draconic being would look if outfitted in Richard's clothes! 24-12-2007
- Used Books - Coming to the front of the New Year's Card, Kaida looks stunning! 24-12-2007

Locoma cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Looks like there's a Locoma who has gotten a job watching screens at S.M.O.G.! 15-08-2007
- CameoComic - There are many comics to chose cameos from, and Locoma could be a possibility! 24-08-2007
- South of Sanity - So, everyone's a critic at Locoma? Well, if you put it like that...! 08-10-2007
- M. Organ Art - Guess there's a driver from Locoma's company that will get lucky tonight... or? MA content warning!27-04-2008
- M. Organ Art - Hearts in the right places, Sexy Locoma enjoys a little "ball"-playing along the beach! MA content warning!09-08-2009
- M. Organ Art - Locoma seems to be relaxed and mingling with the other guests at the anniversary party! MA content warning!03-07-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici - A bowl of hot steaming delicious Ramen, that's Rockster! 24-12-2007

"Locoma" cameos/references:
- This Ego of Mine - Locoma is on the list of people to have their lovelives fixed this Valentines! 10-02-2007
- This Ego of Mine - Locoma participated in the coloring contest and was invited to visit Green Tangerine! 04-04-2007
- South of Sanity - Locoma pays attention after one titanic one-inch punch! 19-05-2008
- South of Sanity - Locoma appers to talk back against the wild (and true) accutations! Gueststrip16-06-2008

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