- None recorded

- Fission Chicken - Spook is for once finally allowed to wear his Fission Chicken shirt at home! 06-05-2009
- Raven's Dojo - Excellent guest art of Locus drying her hair while wearing her favourite Dornail panties! Gueststrip28-01-2011

Locus cameos/references can be found in:
- Kiss 4k The Webcomic - A little self-promotion yes, but when its for Locus all is forgiven! 27-01-2011
- Reaper - Looks like the new issue of Locus is out now... at least, thats what the poster says! 27-02-2011
- Raven's Dojo - Locus, along with her friends and family, really knows how to finish off an epic confrontation! MA content warning!27-10-2019

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