Looking For Group
Looking For Group

- None recorded

- 8-Bit Theater - Richard might have trained with Black Mage, but Hadouken does not help him here! 07-07-2008

Looking For Group cameos/references can be found in:
- Evil Overlords United - Richard leaves the battlefield by portal, bringing back home a few souvenirs! 03-10-2007
- Least I Could Do - In the background we see a lot of people cosplaying as the whole crew from LFG! 07-05-2008
- Cru the Dwarf - Hey, not any Warlock around can be Richard! He is one of a kind! 16-06-2008
- Eben07 - When it comes to healing, Richard goes straight to the mind of Even07! 03-11-2008
- The Volet - One huge battle at the end of the Crossover Wars, and off course Richard will be around! 22-12-2008
- Legend of Bill - The Cale’Anon-look has been taken, and there can only be one! 23-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - And with his trademark fiery blast, Richard takes out a couple of the opposition! 06-04-2009
- Least I Could Do - The majestic Audibot does not deter Krunch who goes straight to the root! 10-04-2009
- Upheaval - Amanda and Rob actually makes a nice couple as Benny and Cale for Halloween! 29-10-2009
- Legend of Bill - Okay, I DO think Benny's outfit is more fitting for the Dark Queen than Gina! 04-01-2010
- Times Like This - A vidoefreak like Rodney reading Looking For Group? Figures! 22-04-2010
- Gutters - Guess Richard could have interesting conversations with that Richard-Rabbit-Teddy! 30-07-2010
- Something Positive - For once there's an image that seems to shock even Richard! 30-01-2013
- Knight School'd - Even a Necromancer can still have an idol-painting of Richard hanging above his fireplace! 22-02-2013
- Center Lane - What does he mean with: "Talking out his ass like the ass-wizard ? 08-10-2014
- Intelligent Life - Richard, or someone cosplaying him, can be spotted at the comic convention! 09-10-2016
- Least I Could Do - If my eyes don't deceive me then we got a legofied Richard at the Lego HQ!! 29-06-2022
- Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby - Richard has teamed up with others to stop the intruders in their world! Strip #50

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