The Lounge
The Lounge
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- Girly - When Girly meets The Lounge there's some... interesting changes in the couplings! Gueststrip26-07-2004
- Rave Kitty - So Rave Kitty the Movie is coming? And there's already a preview out! 12-08-2004
- Rave Kitty - Off course he would be looking after the latest issue of Rave Kitty! Who wouldn't? 27-05-2005

The Lounge cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Caroline is sexy and inviting dressed up for halloween as Italy Ishida! 31-10-2004
- Conscrew - It IS possible to read The Lounge and enjoy without being male... or Lesbian! 16-01-2006
- The Advanced Life - Looks like Vincent has visited the Lounge again, to find all the goodies he shows! 17-07-2006
- Evil Overlords United - The sounding of the alarm interrupts Deception's reading up on the Lounge! 16-04-2007
- The KAMics - Brunhilda has taken to wear a familar MEW!-shirt... they must have visited The Lounge! 08-07-2007
- Surviving Mars - So the evil doctor spends his time reading The Lounge comics? Interesting...! 15-08-2007

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