Loving Wings
Loving Wings

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- Lifeline: Path to Tomorrow - Walking by Yura takes a look at the Burger Angel place, perhaps feeling hungry too? 20-06-2022
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Kyo & Sora walks by the local Burger Angel, talking and enjoying the weather! 20-06-2022
- Celestis - Yana & Nestoras have stopped up on the street, enjoying an obviously merry conversation! 20-06-2022
- Mythic Mayhem - Gwydion gives Jess a wave as he and Goch walks by on the beach! 30-07-2022
- The Final Boss's Son... - Oz and Quinn look like they enjoy the trip to the beach and each other's company! 30-07-2022
- Regnum Antiquum - Not good to know what Amadeus like the most... the beach or himself? 30-07-2022
- Orc Girl - Jenny has the outfit to enjoy a day on the beach, and she's looking forward to do so! 30-07-2022
- Luna Tide - Mayume really seems to enjoy the sunny day on the beach! 13-08-2022
- Inhabitants - Feeling the sun on his face makes Helmut enjoy the day at the beach even more! 13-08-2022
- The Adv. of Captain Orange - Lucky Star is really eager to get into the water it seems! 13-08-2022
- He's a Witch - Even if Aarco is not going into the water at the beach, Fitz will make sure she gets wet! 13-08-2022
- Taken in Spring - Both Gwen and Soleil looks up when the showdown takes place on the beach! 27-08-2022

Loving Wings cameos/references can be found in:
- Mythic Mayhem - The creativeness in snowman-building really shows when you make one looking like Miccy! 09-12-2022
- Broken Beats - Security Guard Michael is dutyfully doing his job, guarding the door! 22-07-2023

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