Lucy Lastique
Lucy Lastique
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Lucy Lastique cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - On the beach we immediately notice Lucy Lastique and her glue-on bikini! MA content warning!05-07-2009

Jaxtraw cameos/references:
- M. Organ Art - Angelic Jaxtraw shows where rain really comes from! MA content warning!15-08-2000
- M. Organ Art - We all knew Jaxtraw had a thing with chickens, but we never guessed his secret! 04-11-2000
- M. Organ Art - Jaxtraw admires his female Barbarian's swordwork! MA content warning!13-11-2000
- M. Organ Art - A Jaxtraw disguised, brings fear and shock into a happy Halloween! MA content warning!17-11-2001
- M. Organ Art - The "J" in KJ & J Labs stands surprisingly enough for Jaxtraw! MA content warning!17-04-2002
- M. Organ Art - Among the Bobblehead collection in the background we find... Jaxtraw! MA content warning!26-12-2002
- M. Organ Art - Thin-haired Jaxtraw as a roll-on... for both men and women! MA content warning!28-12-2002
- M. Organ Art - Jaxtraw admires the bouncing sight, achieved by help of the old background! MA content warning!20-05-2003
- M. Organ Art - Yep, it would be just like Jaxtraw to arrange somebody loosing their hair... or spikes! MA content warning!01-01-2004
- M. Organ Art - Jaxtraw gets quite a bewitched sight of what's happening on the wing of the plane! MA content warning!02-06-2004

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