The Wacky Adventures of Lunar and Kirk
The Wacky Adventures of Lunar and Kirk

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- Pimpette & Associates - Hmm... wonder how Pimpette would do her pimping as a Red Mage? 19-12-2007
- Active Stupor Heroes - Looks like the Bureaucrat has gotten a new job as an announcer at the festival! 11-02-2008
- Atavism - Looks like Samantha has shown up and is listening to the rules with interest! 09-04-2008
- Project A.D.A.M. - Adam looks interested in what Micovan has to say... thinking about participating? 09-04-2008
- Just Another Escape - Poor little Kimberly Sterling, watchign her balloon sail away! 09-04-2008
- Lightbringer - Yes, Darkbringer really is a showoff at the contest! 07-05-2008
- Emergency Exit - Draconus wakes up to face the "doctoring" of Kyran and Delaine! 15-08-2008
- Parallel Dementia - Farsight might be a good Halloween costume for Lunar... except for lack of vision! 31-10-2009
- Just Another Escape - Kirk's classic look as Prof. Bacon looks good this Halloween! 31-10-2009
- Emergency Exit - Except for a few minor things, Binky's costume as Delaine looks good! 31-10-2009
- Cerintha - Draconius does his best as Dark Scarry Dream Guy for Halloween, but... naaaaah! 31-10-2009
- Reckless Youth - A very inventive use of a costume, D plays Pom well for Halloween! 31-10-2009
- Cerintha - Cerintha was never one to dis a good deus ex machina, that's for sure! 27-11-2009
- Parallel Dementia - Oh yes, Visage did indeed find the right item at one point... a real deus ex machina! 27-11-2009
- Emergency Exit - The artifacts of EE can be said to show up as parts of a deus ex machina... one at least! 27-11-2009
- The Adv. of Wiglaf & Mordred - Mordred is, at usually, not fond of Wiglaf's friendly ways in first row! 23-07-2010
- Emergency Exit - One can wonder why Saya has decided to show up to the Prize Show as a Black Mage? 23-07-2010
- Artifact - Lieutenant Commander Furukawa has shown up for the show in good spirit! 23-07-2010
- Just Another Escape - Both Anikia and Solina show up among the crowd to see the prizes handed out! 23-07-2010
- Derelict - Looks like Dang had time before her own comic took off to come here for the price hand-out! 23-07-2010

Lunar & Kirk cameos/references can be found in:
- Parallel Dementia - One of the decadent partyguests is dressed out as... Lunar! 09-06-2008
- Emergency Exit - Changing the color of his mask just makes Lunar even more intimidating! 24-09-2008
- Cerintha - Securing the gate, Binky oozes selfconfidence and looks eerie too! 30-10-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Knights of Vesteria - It looks like Dotty has taken a job running the registration booth! 21-09-2007
- Parallel Dementia - Bean watches with interest the introduction of King Mitovaan as the contest's judge! 11-02-2008
- Project A.D.A.M - Looks like Mort has a flair for clothing, and is not afraid of asking questions! 11-02-2008
- Just Another Escape - King Mitovaan is introduced to the crowd, and Kirb is among the audience! 11-02-2008
- I'm Always Right - Looks like Laemkral has pushed his way forth to the front of the stage! 09-04-2008
- Role of the Die - Sorry Jim, but I think you should have demanded payment up front for the Trivia-quiz! 11-07-2008

Michael "Lunar" Mccluskey cameos/references:
- Derelict - One Lunar-looking Gargoyle gets an encounter of the explosive kind! 05-06-2012

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