LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries
LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries

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- Newshounds - Renata Fayre reports from KPET about the assault on fellow news channel! 27-11-2006
- Vinci and Arty - Richard and Artisan watch the news, both feeling sorry for the victims! 11-12-2006
- Carpe Diem - At the gym Ken and Josh look up to listen to the news of the kidnapping affair! 11-12-2006
- The Class Menagerie - Kevin might want to get a closer look at the terrorist action, but Tony will not! 11-12-2006
- Life of Bauske - A Terrorist attack on the TV, and Bauske is as bouncy as a kitten again! 27-12-2006
- Codename: Hunter - From across the pond, Ruby, Max and Eric watches the US news with interest! 27-12-2006

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