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M9girls cameos/references can be found in:
- Princess Chroma - Any in her Blue Destiny incarnation makes a lovely stained glass window in the Royal Court! 18-02-2014
- Princess Chroma - Not one to miss out on the fun, Pato has run along with all the other people! 24-09-2014
- I, Mummy - Pato was out of luck the day she was killed by Mr. Lewis! 01-10-2014
- Autumn Bay - One of the realities parallel to the one of Autumn Bay's is the one of M9girls! Archived locally04-11-2014
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Clau really gets into what happens on the scene when the Bloody Tongue performs! 26-12-2014
- Ruby Nation - Looks like Pato and Any are among those who've achieved happiness through... some help! 07-03-2015
- The Devon Legacy - In the line for rescue we spon none other than Clau! 09-04-2015
- I, Mummy - In the crowded streets we easily spot none other that Pato! 18-05-2015
- Princess Chroma - Karla is eager to do her best on this special night, feeding the hungry! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Consolers - Karla does not look like she knows what to think of Sony's unfair contracts additions! 27-09-2015

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