Mac Hall
Mac Hall

- None recorded

- Under Power - Mr. Cynical and Moses Gunn shows how you get Ian and Matt to compel to your wishes! Gueststrip12-06-2002
- Penny Arcade - Jon was decked out as Tycho for Halloween... easy outfit I say! 01-11-2002
- Real Life - Hands in pockets and a striped shirt, and Alan was Greg for Halloween! 01-11-2002
- Something Positive - Drew went as Davan for Halloween, complete with Choo-Choo Bear! 01-11-2002
- Megatokyo - JM and Ian did a nice cosplay as Largo and Piro at Halloween! 01-11-2002
- RPG World - Micah and Helen did Heo and Cherry for Halloween... Helen best of them! 01-11-2002
- Sluggy Freelance - So THATS where the name Sluggy Freelance originally comes from!? 21-07-2004

Mac Hall cameos/references can be found in:
- Netrek - The crazy strips of Mac Hall inspired Simon to enter the world of webcomics! 11-12-2002
- Troy's Bucket - When Ian waits in line to kick a man already down... he has plenty of patience! 31-03-2003
- Dominic Deegan - For the Halloween special, Dominic gets dressed up as Matt! 31-10-2003
- Under Power - Sounds like the artist is in a hurry to get the strip over and get to read MacHall! 06-03-2004
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Matt steps in to show Chex that he cannot take over the effects of Mac Hall! 09-09-2004
- Comedity - The Shirt-Less O'Clock sketch, Comedity-style... but here it works! 11-04-2005
- Lethal Doses - Soup is welcomed back to webcomic business by Matt and Ian... each their own way! 24-06-2005
- HOUSD - The Mac Hall style CAN end up being too stylized! 16-07-2005
- The Naked Elf - You got to love a place where shirtless O' Clock is pretty normal! 31-07-2005
- Conscrew - Mac Hall hits the 6 o'clock news... over two strips even! Get your ad on Mac Hall! 28-12-2005
- Conscrew - Yes, City of Villains is not only for MacHall, so... lets play! 09-04-2007
- Sara & David - Yep, there's definitely something Mac Hall on show there! Comic #1

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Applegeeks - Some things must be avenged! Hawk and Anath are in for the... rubber! 06-08-2005
- VG Cats - Somehow I don't think Scott Ramsoomair considers spooning a part of roomsharing! 24-08-2005
- Little Gamers - Some of what Pondus and Christian know are not meant for mortal ears! 24-08-2005
- Comedity - Garth & Larom make a dastardly attack to get the lines of drawing right! Gueststrip07-09-2005

Ian McConville & Matt Boyd cameos/references:
- Megatokyo - Ian and Matt watches Piro go through his annually antics at the Otakon panels! Gueststrip09-07-2001
- Megatokyo - Piro went hunting down webcomic rivals and got both Ian and Matt put on ice! 31-10-2001
- Conscrew - Ian gets glomped at Katsucon my Kara cosplay-dressed as Emmy! 20-02-2004
- Comedity - At ConnectiCon 2005, Ian had to wait patiently for a special customer to pay! 24-06-2005
- Real Life - Matt Boyd gives the advice that all struggling cartoonists better remember! 12-07-2006
- Little Gamers - The Naruta PS2 game at Otakon 2006 turned ugly pretty fast... in words! Gueststrip09-08-2006
- Spelling the Vacuum - Both Matt and Ian were bothered by Elliott Hoffman! Issue 200

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