Mad about U.
Mad about U.

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- The Class Menagerie - Has Dani found new employment as a Labrat, or is this from her secret past? 21-02-2005
- Melonpool - Following the advices given in Ralph's book can be quite a challenge! 22-02-2005
- Fusion D - Look like Daisy has started a new career with "Daisy Cutters' Disposible Clone Dates"! 23-02-2005
- Consortium Of Genius - C.O.G gives a genius musical lecture... and a few tip on scientific love! 25-02-2005
- Filthy Lies - A sexsploited Beefsteak? Oh the horror of an April's Fool! 01-04-2005
- Melonpool - Jalea Bates being Babe of Mad Science.... me like! 04-04-2005
- Vetacular Vet - A smart Vet should know when to keep his voice down or he gets bitten! 13-04-2005
- El Goonish Shive - No doubt about Amanda the lab assistant belonging to the Babes of Science! 01-11-2006
- Labgoats - Laura has been line up among the Babes of Mad Science for this mega-poster! 01-11-2006
- Girl Genius - When you talk babes of science, you simply cannot go without Agatha Heterodyne! 01-11-2006
- Narbonic - Giving an evil laughter, Helen Beta Narbonic is without doubt a hot Babe of Science! 01-11-2006
- Zap! - Both Zap and Reona have taken time off to go to the Doomsday Ball Championship! 08-12-2006
- Girly - You can wonder why a female Vet show up a the Doomsday Ball Championship? 08-12-2006
- Evil Inc. - On the benches, watching the Doomsday Ball Championship, we find Doctor Muskiday! 08-12-2006

Mad U. cameos/references can be found in:
- Filthy Lies - Looks like Vern Braun has the same luck with explosions at his exams as usual! 10-12-2004
- Everyday Stuff - It's difficult to see what Francis is thinking, but being in queue he is! 07-04-2006
- El Goonish Shive - Tedd is thinking of joining Mad U... and is shopping along with the cast! Gueststrip18-10-2006
- Spoofy Randomness - At the Mad U. Mad Science Convention we spot Cricket walking merrily by! 07-06-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Nukees - Off course you can find Gav among the spectators to the Doomsday Ball Championship! 08-12-2006

Teague Tysseling cameos/references:
- Impy & Aevy - One of the judges, Teague Tysseling, falls victims to Sams mental powers! 08-05-2006
- El Goonish Shive - From out of the blue, The Teague strikes to deliver the hats most needed! 19-08-2006

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