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Mad Hat Comics

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Mad Hat Comic cameos/references can be found in:
- Distant Eras - Aaaaaaw... don't you think Vorticus is one cute Theme Park Mascot? 05-01-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Looks like Mad Hat Comics might become the first victim for an EO invasion! 17-01-2007
- If Then Else - Vorticus jumps into the frey, giving the Droids his best licking attack! 15-09-2007
- The Tao of Geek - Vorticus is featured on one of the posters being passed in the background! 25-09-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Darken - At Komiyan's feet, Vorticus feels small when SHE thinks her comic sucks! Archived locally08-01-2003
- Doppies - If Robin think many are better than she, where does that leave Vort? Archived locally08-01-2003
- Aldus Maycombe - Vort doesn't believe that Keffria's art really need that muck improvement! Archived locally08-01-2003
- Avernyght - When MV thinks her art look shoddy, it makes Vort feel veeeeeery small! Archived locally08-01-2003
- Beyond Reality - Looks like Orion has gained a "little" weight after his visit to his girlfriend! Archived locally12-01-2007
- Emergency Exit - Looks like being a quick drawer wasn't the skill NJ should have to be hired! Archived locally11-02-2007
- Beyond Reality - Being fat and carrying a big sword was not enough for Orion to get hired! Archived locally11-02-2007
- Parallel Dementia - Hugging a walrus is good personal skills for 834n, but not enough! Archived locally11-02-2007
- Atavism - Cope didn't even get to say a word at the interview! Archived locally11-02-2007

Vorticus cameos/references:
- Darken - Looks like whoever made the labyrinth inluded a mark of the creature called Vorticus! 16-02-2007
- Avernyght - Together with his girl, daulified Vort sells ceramics in the refugee camp! 04-02-2008

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