- None recorded

- Zeera the Space Pirate - On the wall in the alley, grafitti shows that Zeera was here! 03-02-2005
- Killroy and Tina - Don't expect Killroy to hang around in alleys, but the writing on the wall says he WAS here! 25-09-2005
- Reckless Life - Among the trash Bugle seems to have found an okay issue of Reckless Life! 21-10-2005
- Digger - You wouldn't come up from the sewer to look through the trash, hoping to find an issue of Digger? 21-10-2005
- Fans - Fans is a great comicbook, and its understandable Bugle would go through the trash to find an issue! 21-10-2005
- Max - Television from Another Planet - Bugle has been lucky, finding an issue of Max in the trash! 21-10-2005
- Reckless Life - Locke Island, eh? Sounds like someone got a kind of respect long overdue! 21-12-2006
- Homestar Runner - One dragon may look much like the other, but there are only one Trogdor! 27-10-2007
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress arrives for an extended visit with turtoring Rochelle Kwan! 10-12-2008
- Max - Television from Another Planet - Bugle knows how to make it comfortable in the sewer, with his favorite comic! 06-01-2019

Magellan cameos/references can be found in:
- Loxie & Zoot - Wombatman, Go!Anna, Tom/ThundaKlap & Freya/Vybe are hanging out in nude! MA content warning!05-08-2004
- Killroy and Tina - Too bad Tina did turn down that invitation from Magellan Justice Academy! 18-06-2005
- Mindmistress - Uhoh... looks like the EO's have a couple of Q'Arth Demons on the payroll as guarddogs! 04-05-2007
- Mindmistress - Figures that Mindmistress would ask Hoodoo for help in building a magical prison! 16-09-2008
- The Crossoverlord - The Q'Arth demons almost destroyed Magellans reality... imagine them entering others! 30-09-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Charisma and Rochelle, two from Magellan academy who have come here to pay their respect! 11-08-2009
- The Crossoverlord - A Q'Arth demon seems ready to crawl through the window sliced in space by the Smiling Man! 29-04-2010
- The Crossoverlord - The Q'Arth demons are still at large, they can become the threat that can threaten the worlds! 06-05-2010
- Crossoverkill - Epoch is coming in sky-ways to take part in this, the most awesome battle of ages! 21-03-2011
- Mindmistress - Epoch makes a good showcase for the discussion on invulnerability! 02-11-2011
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - Looks like Charisma Epoch's latest hit is out and can be found on the jukebox! 06-04-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - May finds out that latching on to Frankensteins mind is quite a slippery task! 18-05-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - Fatima gets a good tentacles grib on Frankenstein once brought down! 09-06-2012
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress visits Force Magellan to deliver a certain silver sphere! Thinking Outside the Box P. 4

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