The Mansion of E
The Mansion of E

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- Insanity for the Poor - Mr. Lincoln, the Evil Penny, arrives in the Mansion at his world-conquest tour! 29-08-2004
- Reasoned Cognition - An Amorphous Ball of Light is put on display for visitors to see! 12-09-2004
- Station V3 - The Plant... whatever it is, it's now only an exhibition in a collectors museum! 12-09-2004
- Furmentation - A tribbletongued Hamster? Now thats a really rare acquisition! 12-09-2004
- Beyond Reality - When Rosemary attends a party with Orion, the talk will surely turn to sharp subjects! 11-01-2005
- Sandwich World - Zay arrives by portal to the Mansion of E for an extended visit! 18-01-2005
- The Misadventures of Okk - The Ghost Cat floats by... talking a lot of confusing nonsense, then leaving! 08-08-2005
- Casey & Andy - Looks like Casey & Andy's Gapomatic was one of the things to be shipped! 04-12-2006
- Girl Genius - ... looks like the Othar Tryggvassen's line has continued to spawn... Gentleman Explorers! 24-06-2009
- Spoofy Randomness - On Christmas Eve its Percy who takes the job of Sants to drop off presents for the crew! Gueststrip25-12-2012
- Forces of Good and Evil - The FoGaE-gang is going carolling, but sanity appears to be in another castle! 13-01-2013

Mansion of E cameos/references can be found in:
- Beyond Reality - Well, even if the sword has a trashy origin, it CAN be pretty useful! Gueststrip31-03-2004
- Decypher - Comshaw stops by the Grind to have a refill... a special one! 14-07-2004
- Loxie & Zoot - Rosemary and Mortimer seem comfortable in the nude... Sylvester not quite so! MA content warning!03-08-2004
- Loxie & Zoot - Both Camora, Comshaw and Niddle has sneaked in and joined the pool party! MA content warning!04-08-2004
- Digital War - There's a reason for War being in Sylvester's family portrait gallery! Gueststrip04-08-2004
- Swords are Cool - Haruka Sol enters the arena to face off against Rosemary Ripley! 18-10-2004
- Beyond Reality - Sylvester's date with Laura should make him hold back on demands! 29-12-2004
- Anywhere But Here - Our Hero may have a chance with Rosemary... but Weresnails may be too weird! 30-04-2005
- Alternate Delusions - Telic the Helipath shows how a Green Lantern can juggle around several objects! 10-08-2006
- Nakama Victory - Rosemary, Sylvester and Mortimer have all come to the Festa! 11-04-2020
- Cryptida - Sylvester has joined the tour with a guide taking them to the castle's towers! 11-06-2020
- Breadfinder - Out in the street Sylvester runs for his life apparently afraid of being barreled! 02-09-2020
- Breadfinder - Mortimer is about to have his house looted, but then appears... the Bards! 05-09-2020
- Zorgnox's Depository... - Its time for the the Feeder Queen's Cocooning and both Flange and Sprocket have shown up to attend! 08-03-2021

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Star Bored - Okay, I guess you easily could get to loathe something like Uncle Bob's Family Fun Landing! 28-01-2005

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