Married to a Transformers Fan
Married to a Transformers Fan

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- Winners & Losers - Eric is selling his beverages at the bazaar and you can have everything, nothing barred! 07-04-2016
- Re:Set - Mike did read the warning signs for Pepsi Blue and tries to warn Carl, but warnings goes unheeded! 12-04-2016
- I Want A Drink - Wash shows exactly HOW annoying the Groan Sticks sold can be to others! 14-04-2016
- Everlasting Garden Fields - Runeildo seems to find great joy in playing with the physics defying Yo-Yo Balloons! 19-04-2016
- Serpents of Old - Merek and Dagot seem to whats going to happen and provide the barrels and some "soothing" words! 21-04-2016
- The KAMics - Nikki doesn't judge, but she CAN offer some interesting insight! 26-04-2016
- Stan and Slan - Stan has found one hell of a BB-gun he wants to try out on the Testing Site! 27-04-2016
- Random Things for Random Beings - Otis does a bored looking dinosaur advertising for the Dino Store! 28-04-2016
- The Mighthy Detective Mortimer & Lou - Detective Mortimer is looking for Dreadnoughtus Schrani Eggs, and it looks like he is lucky! 03-05-2016
- 2-Sided Casette - Didn't know Jayden was shopping at the Dino Store, and he found a Barney doll! 05-05-2016
- Noooooo - Nefertite seems to have developed an addiction fro the Grimlock Figure and its flamethrower! 09-05-2016
- Threshold: The Story of Vance Hibbert - What should you have wished for Vance? Friends? Fingers? A dinosaur? 12-05-2016
- Honestly Confused - Being named "Geezer" by Noah really is something that hurts, right? 17-05-2016
- Cato's Apprenticeship - Kyler calling you and old Lady really cuts to the heart, eh? 17-05-2016
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Chase feels a slight disturbance in the Matrix... something Transformers is up! 19-05-2016
- Terrible Truck Treats - So Cassie needs a new Asher Stress Reliever? How fast does she go through them? 19-05-2016
- Wastelanders Anonymous - Felix and Eva work in the Slime & Sticky House, enter at your own peril! 24-05-2016
- Dead At Night - After hearing the background story for the Gloomy Bear, Valter SO wants to buy it for Kath! 26-05-2016
- Indifferently Evil - After seeing the Slime&Tentacly toy in action, Kifler SO wants it for his girlfriend! 31-05-2016
- Jack and the Beanstalk - Looks like Jack has found a Trollpoth to grow his magic beans in! 02-06-2016
- Indifferently Evil - If you want customized adorable horrifying things made, Fodd is the one to go see! 07-06-2016
- Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files - A closet transformers fan, Alvery has obviously found the toy of her dreams! 09-06-2016
- Wastelanders Anonymous - Felix knows that when selling explosive toys, it all comes down to having blast shields at hand! 14-06-2016
- Tim and Garry - Being covered in slime from an exploding toy, Garry is happy he was wearing a raincoat! 14-06-2016
- Shelterville Shuffle - Bjorn, Quinn, Monroe are doing their own take on Iron Man... much more true to the original! 16-06-2016
- My Super Cool Comic - Looks like Anonymous Stick Figure #1 has found a spaceship to play with in the Bazaar! 21-06-2016
- Planet Chaser - Clarissa hangs around in the Bazaar, trying the latest in interactive computer toys! 23-06-2016
- Indifferently Evil - Off course Fodd would be all ready to start up a game of battle and destruction... even with toy props! 28-06-2016
- Consolers - Nintendo seems to almost too eager to launch the toy rocket for mayhem and destruction! 28-06-2016
- Zombiegirl - Zogi really likes the notion of kicking ass for the Lord... watch out bystanders! 30-06-2016
- Mag-Isa - Eman blocks the incoming kick and is ready for a mog battle.... for the Lord! 30-06-2016
- Wastelanders Anonymous - Eva CAN give you access to the internet, but she DOES live in a Wasteland...! 05-07-2016
- Consolers - Hearing that someone still plays their PS1, Sony sheds a happy tear! 07-07-2016
- I Killed the Hero - Striker and Ludwig don't sound to be all satisfied with how they are depicted in the comics! 14-07-2016
- Consolers - It may just be a mocking mercentile mockup, but watching EA on that throne... *shudder*! 14-07-2016
- Summer in Frosting - Renee, Allister and Luke really seem to make a lot of out that cake sale! 19-07-2016
- Consolers - Capcom is always into pitching a fight between various characters, but this time she is let down! 26-07-2016
- Just A Normal Journey - Jacob is walking by in the background, obvious to nothing else besides his game of Pokemon Go! 28-07-2016
- Kaza's Mate, Gwenna - Both Kaza and Gwenna goes all out in the slime battle! 02-08-2016
- The Adventures of Aquila and Teren - Do you want random Xenomorphs in a dress? Well, Aquila is the one for that! 04-08-2016
- Indifferently Evil - Maxine and Phil are playing the Kaiju Monster War Battle Royale... in style! 11-08-2016
- Consolers - Valve can be seen at the netcafe, probably checking up on the latest games? 16-08-2016
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Just a friendly competition? Not when Charlotte and Chase are dragged into the extended game! 16-08-2016
- Consolers - Microsoft, PC and Apple seems to have become collateral damage in the warfare of the girls! 23-08-2016
- Two Best Gaming Friends - Kirby finds out the hard way why not to jump around when covered in slime! 01-09-2016
- Autumn Bay - Don't try to mess with Mercy Blank, she will continually defend her rights to sell Shrunken Cartoon Character Heads! 01-09-2016
- Demon Wings - Looks like Leandra has acquired quite a haul... all Shrunken Cartoon Character Heads? 01-09-2016
- Armless Amy - Better not question Eustace's taste, especially not in Shrunken Cartoon Character Heads! 01-09-2016
- Random Things for Random Beings - Sophie is ready to fight over a possessed doll and Famine tries to keep the fight down! 13-09-2016
- Armless Amy - Amos it not really into possessed dolls, he prefer demonic toys! 13-09-2016

Married to a Transformers Fan cameos/references can be found in:
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Charlotte has borrowed her valentines outfit from another who's married to a Transformers Fan! 14-02-2016

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