- Touch and Go - And on this Christmas evening the cast of Meau and Touch & Go met to celebrate Christmas together! 22-12-2021

- Gaia's Guardians - Gaia and Winnie happily recognize Ray as soon as he steps through the front doors! 27-12-2020
- Touch and Go - Hana regonizes Ray and gets fully flustered and happy when he also recognizes her! 27-12-2020
- Latera - Hana is deeply impressed anf flustered over the fact that Ray knows her friend Hana! 27-12-2020
- False Destiny - Sarah walks by the coffee shop, briefly wondering what the ruckus is all about! 21-03-2021
- Future Agents - Its an empty street save for Maddy walking by, apparently looking for something! 21-03-2021
- Ring Spell - Damon walks along, blissfully unaware of whats transpiring! 21-03-2021
- Alaria - Coming soon to a cinema near you, Alaria the Movie! 03-07-2021
- Slice of Death - Slice of Death IS a comedy to die for, and its currently running in theaters! 03-07-2021
- Colony Life - Sometimes in a May we will finally be able to watch the long awaited movie of Colony Life! 03-07-2021
- Guardian Wings - Guardian Wings coming out as a Movie!?!? Our prayers have been heard! 03-07-2021
- Faroff - So Alenna wants to go and watch the Faroff-movie? Girl got taste! 03-07-2021
- The Ravenblack Court - Oh? Is that the poster for the new Ravenblack Court movie I spot there? 03-07-2021
- Can I Get Another Chance? - The new movie of "Can I Get Another Chance?" seems to be advertised bigly here! 11-07-2021
- Jax - Sometimes one of these years Jax the Movie will be out! Something to look forward to! 11-07-2021
- Zodiac Dragonfly - Can't wait for it to be summer and be able to watch the movie of Zodiac Dragonly! 11-07-2021
- OniGirl - If you dont know what to do tonight, then Oni Girl the movie is currently running! 11-07-2021
- The Chelavier - Adrien and Tory are also out in town tonight to enjoy the evening! 11-07-2021
- I Do My Bully's Homework - "I Do my Bully's Homework" is back in stock? Nice to know! 11-07-2021
- S.I.N - So, the new book of S.I.N is part of the meet and greet pass? Fun! 11-07-2021
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Kyo and Sora are working the bookstore, so let them know if you need help! 11-07-2021
- Taiduo - Cine Meau will soon be playing Taiduo the movie, so thats something to look forward to! 18-07-2021
- Azure Wolfheart - Looks like they are already advertising the long awaited Azure Wolfheart movie! 18-07-2021
- BiLove - If you want a lovetriangle movie to go, the BiLove is soon coming up in this theater! 18-07-2021
- Ghost Metal - It doesn't get better than this, Ghost Metal the movie is running tonight! 18-07-2021
- Kleo of the Streets - Don't overlook the fact that there's a poster up for the upcoming movie of "Kleo of the Streets"! 18-07-2021
- The Pirate and the Princess - A major poster announces that the movie of The Pirate and the Princess is running tonight ! 18-07-2021
- Omnipresence - Iris, Delilah and Elijah have apparently decided to have a sibling day at the movies! 18-07-2021
- Angelic Flight - Uchida and Eligor are manning the popcorn stall, going for some upsell! 18-07-2021
- REEDS - A full doorcovering poster announces that the movie of REEDS is playing here tonight! 18-07-2021
- Fragmented Dreams - George Hartman, Diana and Casimir looks ready to enjoy an evening at the movies! 18-07-2021
- Touch and Go - At the movies Noa cant keep his hands off Ren... 's popcorn! 18-07-2021
- Ring Spell - Sometimes in your everyday you just need a little Ring Spell to get along! 18-07-2021
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Kyo's father Lesyrd takes his job as a bartender seriously when he gets worried about a customer! 26-03-2022
- Beautiful Days - Looks like both Yama and Yuuki have been contracted to work at the festival! 20-08-2022

MEAU! cameos/references can be found in:
- The Chevalier - Haku and Nadia are spotted hanging around on the school grounds! 02-07-2021
- Across Your Shattered Sky - When the weather is good, Haku & Nadia meets up with their friends for a picnic! 03-12-2021
- Across Your Shattered Sky - The Elves of this word is represented by Alenna in this short beastiary! 31-01-2022

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