The Class Menagerie
The Class Menagerie

- Funny Farm - The whole crew get hired as interns at Mayers Enterprises! Starting 13-08-2001
- The Suburban Jungle - The connected past of the Kingston brothers and Dover is revealed! Starting 21-01-2002
- Newshounds - A puppet show event has to be arranged... can that make Kevin smile? Starting 17-06-2002

- Newshounds - Wolfram shows up on the screen to report on CD-store havoc downstairs! 29-08-2000
- Funny Farm - In this exciting crossover-episode, Brad takes the wheel over at Funny Farm! 22-07-2001
- Bruno the Bandit - Trying another job, Scott takes the role of Bruno the Bandit to Fiona's delight! 22-07-2001
- Freefall - Apparently looking for a replacement for Florence, Sam is getting Cindy... where he could have gotten Kevin? 22-07-2001
- The Suburban Jungle - Tiffany does not look impressed with having Biff and Mikey working at the Waterhole! 22-07-2001
- Newshounds - Crossing over into Newshounds, Lisa get to both make and report the news! 22-07-2001
- Kevin & Kell - Well, as crossovers go, having Tony replace Kevin for a bit is not the worst choice! 22-07-2001
- Kevin & Kell - Vin seems to find it funny how much, or how little, Kevin actually weights! 18-09-2003
- S.S.D.D. - Norman apparently finds it funny seeing Kevin having his bodily measurements taken! 18-09-2003
- The Suburban Jungle - Conrad have to slap himself in order to get THAT image out of his head! 20-09-2003
- Newshounds - Sam seems to think he is giving a lot of good advice, but he should watch the knee! 23-09-2003
- Funny Farm - Boe actually has a sharp eye and a good point there... as well as taste! 25-09-2003

Class Menagerie cameos/references can be found in:
- Soap on a Rope - ... if Brad has just been transformed into an animal, how was he before? 14-01-2000
- Joe Average - Brad makes a short statement... no comments about Joe's community impact! 30-08-2000
- Freefall - Kevin is about to be pounced in a horror-movie poster! 26-01-2001
- Funny Farm - You just DON'T mess around with Brad's cappuchino! 27-10-2002
- Mad About U - Has Dani found new employment as a Labrat, or is this from her secret past? 21-02-2005
- The Suburban Jungle - Tony has a beefy runin with Leona... just as the horoscope told him! 05-09-2005
- LXF - Kevin might want to get a closer look at the terrorist action, but Tony will not! 11-12-2006
- Swords and Sausages - Well, it COULD be Algernon behind all the contributors dropping through the Class Menagerie...! 05-12-2017
- Nine to Nine - The back of Tony is spotted on the first row, eagerly awaiting Tetriscon to start! 19-04-2020

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Absurd Notions - A certain jackass in the telemarketing department is also know as Kevin Pease! 06-08-2001

Vince Suzukawa cameos/references:
- Funny Farm - It has been revealed that Vince has a side-job as an accountant when not drawing! 30-07-2002

Hogan's Notes:

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