All Over Migglie
All Over Migglie

- None recorded

- None recorded

All Over Migglie cameos/references can be found in:
- Impy & Aevy - Migglie looks pretty much in shock over seeing a TV beating up a black rabbit! 08-02-2008
- Femmegasm - Migglie should learn a lesson from this... never take drinks from strangers, even at parties! 23-10-2008
- Femmegasm - Damn, it looks like Pembroke has one of the rare Migglie figures on his shelf! 06-11-2008
- Femmegasm - Migglie is a much popular figurine, and off course the shop carries a copy on its shelves! 13-11-2008
- Cosmic Dash - Wonder if Migglie is working at the employment agency or just hanging out there? 30-01-2009
- Femmegasm - When Shelly got tired of her Migglie doll, it got thrown into the closet with the other toys! 24-02-2009
- Cosmic Dash - Looks like Migglie is also wanting to get into the famous Shmoofyland! 25-09-2009

"Green Wiggly" cameos/references:
- Femmegasm - Among the outrageous dancers in the background we see Green Wigglie! 01-07-2008
- Femmegasm - Green Wigglie is hanging out in the background of the party, not enjoying it a bit it seems! 23-10-2008
- Femmegasm - Green Wiggly walks past outside the window, not knowing what he just missed inside! 02-12-2008

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