Mildly mundane
Mildly mundane

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- Everyday Life of Sho & Kye - Mr Stabby isn't Byakko's only play thing, she also got a Sho doll! 08-07-2006
- The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver - Super Math's Beaver joins in for an extended Road Trip! 27-10-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - When you are lost and the tire is flat, Toshubi is there to perform roadside service! 14-01-2007
- Everyday Life of Sho & Kye - Sho looks all too happy to hang around in the bar area! 16-02-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - Looks like hanging out at the bar isn't exactly improving Toshubi's mood! 16-02-2007
- Charby the Vampirate - You should think Charby as too young to be in the bar... but he IS 200+ years! 16-02-2007
- Life & Death - Where else could you expect Steve to be than at the bar itself? 16-02-2007

Mildly mundane cameos/references can be found in:
- Everyday Life of Sho & Kye - There's no doubt about Sho regretting stealing Mr. Stabby! Gueststrip31-03-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - Among the many interesting things for sale we find Mr. Stabby! 09-08-2006
- Everyday Life of Sho & Kye - One of Kali's socks has obviously been added to the huge sack of Sho's! 09-08-2006
- Charby the Vampirate - Mac the Vampire has taken his time to ransack the castle during the party! 20-10-2006
- Everyday Life of Sho & Kye - Pyramid head tries out the secret ingredient for a potion... hilarity ensured! 09-11-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - Max, Evil Twig, & Mr. Stabby drop by in their stolen car to celebrate the 100 strips! 23-06-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - Now there is a happy customer with her Mr. Stabby hand puppet! 14-07-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - If you want something to cuddle, we recommend the child-sized Max-teddy! 25-10-2008
- Far Out There - Among the horde amassed for the convention we spot the spiked hair of Placard Pete! 27-02-2009
- Far Out There - Max the Vampire Kleptomaniac seems to have his eyes set for one target or another! 13-03-2009
- Dying to Live - Whistling merrily, Max walks away with one of the paintings of the place! 26-10-2009

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