- None recorded

- Unicorn Jelly - Though Unicorn Jelly is half humanoid, half-crystal, she is not a delusion! Horrible Thoughts P. 4
- Kevin & Kell - Another reality with giant beefy rabbits and corporate wolves? It's possible! Horrible Thoughts P. 4
- Nine Swords - The vision shows a scarred Elf and a cigarette-smoking Elven Mage! Horrible Thoughts P. 5
- Red Lexi - A reality with a red-headed Barbarian and Mage friends sound interesting! Horrible Thoughts P. 5
- Blatah - Blond, Blue-Eyed, Bat-Winged Bard playing the Bongo... thats Eggman indeed! Horrible Thoughts P. 8
- Killroy and Tina - The Fulcrum is summoned to help Mindmistress travel the realities! Horrible Thoughts P. 15
- A God's Life - Mindmistress is handed a psalm pilot to help her travel the universes! Horrible Thoughts P. 15
- Elf Life - Mindmistress exists the Catwalk and ask Glynhial & Airek for help and directions! Horrible Thoughts P. 17
- Zebra Girl - The hideous statue hides the heart of a true word-saving prophecy! Horrible Thoughts P. 18
- Wings of Change - Mindmistress takes a short 3-D peek into the world of Maerd! Horrible Thoughts P. 22
- Strange Candy - Travelling the cliche-filled dimensions, thats the Strange Candy crew! Horrible Thoughts P. 28
- Zebra Girl - A very interesting description of Sandra, travelling dimensions for destiny! Horrible Thoughts P. 28
- Unicorn Jelly - On little travelled roads, Mindmistress encounters a deadly Crystal Basilisk! Horrible Thoughts P. 29
- PvP Online - Jumping the dimensions, Percy comes face to face with the PvP crew! Horrible Thoughts P. 45
- Diesel Sweeties - When a Robot dates a former Porn Star, you are not in Kansas anymore! Horrible Thoughts P. 46
- Lower Place - When you meet Rob in an Anime Reality, then it IS time to get out of there! Horrible Thoughts P. 47
- Loxie & Zoot - Ulysses drifts ashore on a coast where Loxie and Zoot is on vacation! Lost in Thought P. 64
- Todd and Penguin - Lorelei attends the concert wearing her beloved Penguin-shirt! Visonary Concepts P. 1
- Mechagical Girl Lita A.N.T - Ash looks into the future and sees a certain girl in antlike armor! 25-12-2006
- Dasien - A blonde superstrong beaty is spotted by Ash when he looks into the future! 25-12-2006
- Lightbringer - A masked guy in white-and-black in the future... who can that be? 25-12-2006
- Magellan - Oh my... looks like the EO's have a couple of Q'Arth Demons on the payroll as guarddogs! 04-05-2007
- Killroy and Tina - Killroy didn't want to become the Editor's subordinate, instead be became prisoner! 04-05-2007
- Fans - Poor Jackie has become a prisoner, lured by Deception and trapped in a nightmare! 07-05-2007
- Saga of the Ram - Obviously even Rick "The Ram" has been trapped by the Overlords and imprisoned! 07-05-2007
- Something Positive - On her wall Lorelei has a large poster featuring Davan and Choo-Choo! 28-05-2007
- Questionable Content - A little framed picture of Pintsize adorns the wall of Loreleis home! 28-05-2007
- Sinfest - Even a highly advanced AI like Vicki can enjoy the antics of Sinfest! 09-07-2007
- Something Positive - Seems like Vicki is just getting into Something Positive... and really likes it! 09-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Seems like the Editor was not dead after all! And he wants Mindmistress' help! 28-07-2008
- Insanity of Xade - Alex dimensionjumps in and ends up in the middle of the chaos that was the Crossover Wars! 02-01-2008
- Twisted Kaiju Theater - The hills around the battle is alive... alive with the body of Queen Ghidorah! 04-01-2008
- The Crossoverlord - The sign spotted over the battlefield heralds of more troubled times to come for Mindmistress! 04-01-2008
- Clan of the Cats - Yep, Chelsea is adept in magic, and she seems to live in MM's world too! 04-08-2008
- Zebra Girl - How can MM possibly ignore magic when Sandra too is part of her world? 04-08-2008
- Zebra Girl - Through time and the astral plane Mindmistress flows until she meets Jack in the Magi-Net! 22-08-2008
- CameoComic - When you got nagas in the house, who are you gonna call? Scale!! 15-09-2008
- Magellan - Figures that Mindmistress would ask Hoodoo for help in building a magical prison! 16-09-2008
- Evil Overlords United - And just as he was there, the Editor leaves his prison at Mindmistress! Gited P. 2
- Magellan - Mindmistress visits Force Magellan to deliver a certain silver sphere! Thinking Outside the Box P. 4
- The Crossoverlord - Mindmistress retells the part that led to the fall of the Crossoverlord! Thinking Outside the Box P. 4
- Dresden Codak - There ARE other people than Dresden Codak fans dreaming about Singularity... not many though! 25-10-2010
- Dr. McNinja - Yes, what else can you want from a webcomic that... Dr. McNinja! 01-04-2011
- Crossoverkill - The Upgrade cannot do what Mindmistress can, like joining up with other heroes in Crossoverkill! 15-07-2011
- Dasien - Dasien is one tough girl, and her toughness borders to invulnerability allright! 02-11-2011
- Magellan - Epoch makes a good showcase for the discussion on invulnerability! 02-11-2011
- The SuperFogeys - Looks like Lorelei has chosen to wear her beloved Superfogeys shirt today! 09-01-2012
- Smash - Is that a poster for Smash Tercero has hanging on his wall behind Lorelei! 09-01-2012
- Johnny Saturn - Before going jogging, Max dons his genuine Johnny Saturn shirt! 16-01-2012

Mindmistress cameos/references can be found in:
- Zebra Girl - Mindmistress is off course part of the Magi-Net because she's really really smart! 21-02-2003
- Something Positive - The cardboard figure in the comic shop's window is Mindmistress! 16-02-2004
- Dasien - Mindmistress and Dasien has an intellectual talk concerning names and outfits! Gueststrip26-03-2005
- Dasien - Dasien tries to cheer up Mindmistress the best way she can, with a comforting hug! 11-09-2005
- The Green Avenger - A "What if" filler about what would happen if GA and Mindmistress met! Gueststrip10-04-2006
- Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - Mindmistress has showed up for the Anniversary group photo! Gueststrip24-06-2006
- Cooties - Carmen gives it as Mindmistress in the early Halloween filler! 14-10-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Lets hope for the EO's that they are not thinking on messing with Mindmistress! 19-02-2007
- AntiBunny - At the grave of ‹bermensch, Mindmistress is among those to show up to pay their respect! 14-06-2007
- CameoComic - Mindmistress has been know to occasionally travel the dimensions... especially lately! 22-08-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Since she escaped them, you can probably count MM among the resistance! 31-08-2007
- Special School - Lining up together with the other "weird "people, we find Mindmistress! 15-02-2008
- Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - Lisa has been promised a Magical Girl and got... Mindmistress? Gueststrip03-03-2008
- WarMage - Yep, when you plan to conquer the multiverse, keep an eye on Mindmistress! MA content warning!21-03-2008
- GansWorks - Looks like this issue of Masque Magazine contains an interview with Mindmistress! 09-07-2008
- AntiBunny - On the front cover of Emo Comics we find Lorelei, MM's alter ego! 17-07-2008
- Blonde Marvel - Judging from the man's initial appearence, she would have been better of with MM! MA content warning!28-08-2008
- Evil Overlords United - Celine is still using a Mindmistress dummy for target practice, defeating it with ease! 29-11-2008
- Magellan - Mindmistress arrives for an extended visit with turtoring Rochelle Kwan! 10-12-2008
- Magical Misfits - As a new mother, I think Mindmistress' gift will be much appreciated by Dark Eyes! 23-03-2009
- Misfits of Mischief - Polite as always, Mindmistress seems eager to get to see the map of Limbo! 07-09-2009
- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - So IS Mother Angela talking to Mindmistress or is it just a stalling technique? MA content warning!07-09-2010
- Karabear Comic Unltd. - Mindmistress appears accidently into the pocketdimension that is Club 501! 09-04-2012
- Karabear Comic Unltd. - According to the visions of Tempore, Mindmistress will face some serious opponents in the future! 11-06-2012
- Haven and Adler - Eugene gets his late night nerd fixing by checking up on the Mindmistress Files! MA content warning!23-06-2012
- Haven and Adler - Eugene is really a fan of Mindmistress it seems, her poster is hanging on the wall in his room! MA content warning!30-07-2012
- Misfits of Mischief - Mindmistress is none-plussed about the findings of Demi-Gods in soup, the question is just... "Why?"! 08-11-2013
- Grin-N-Spirit - So.. the Psy-Staff of Mindmistress has become a symbol of... ? 01-08-2017
- Almighty Protectors - Mindmistress seems to take an affront to the interdimensional chase passing through her dimension! 21-04-2021

Al Schroeder cameos/references:
- Evil Overlords United - None other than Al Schroeder has been evacuated with the rest of the customers! 26-08-2009
- The KAMics - Al stands up for confession among the Crossovererers Anonymos at their weekly meeting! 16-08-2010

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