Minions for Hire
Minions for Hire

- None recorded

- Darken - Casper can be seen hanging out at the harbour... in front of the Emancipo store! 26-07-2006
- LinT - Looks like Sangwine is around the harbour, looking out for adventures! 26-07-2006
- Flunkies - Both Simon & Geoff are spotted on the habour during their travels! 26-07-2006

Minions for Hire cameos/references can be found in:
- Darken - Ruby and Gavin must have fallen on hard times to take job as cityguards! 22-07-2005
- Pointless - Gavin has abandoned the minion-work and started in the secret agency business! 22-10-2005
- Elf Only Inn - Outfitted in epic armor, Ruby fits nicely in with the army of the Sisterhood! 31-01-2007
- Evil Overlords United - One of the EO's screens is tuned in on a battleready Ruby! 07-08-2007

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