Mirror Monster
Mirror Monster

- None recorded

- None recorded

Mirror Monster cameos/references can be found in:
- Trip Across the Multiverse - On one of the majestic billboards in the background we spot Xemor! 21-12-2017
- Me and Myselfs - Erena gets an eyefull from Raylie's furious attack! 25-06-2018
- Small Problem - Josie seems to enjoy seeing Aaron making a fool out of himself... for posterity! 11-09-2018
- Underworld Engine - Josie doesn't seem to be affected by the ruckus in the train caused by Zima! 25-01-2019
- Underworld Engine - In the train's dinnerwagon we spot Erena hanging out having a talk with one of the other passengers! 01-02-2019
- Trash Head Talks - Xenor stumbles into Trash Head's apartment and into a world without colours! 12-05-2019
- The Shufflers - Erena's expression says she's looking really forward to see what the tent of Carmancy has to offer! 21-10-2019

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