- None recorded

- The Wotch - Anne & Robin visit Misfile and help Ash get a filler-revenge over Rumisiel! Gueststrip31-12-2004
- The Angel of St. Thomas - Ash considers a change of Angels, going for the Angel of St. Thomas! Gueststrip25-08-2008

Misfile cameos/references can be found in:
- The Wotch - The friends visit the Heavenly Archive and we learn why Anne became the Wotch! Gueststrip01-01-2005
- Awfully Generic - A pair of wings and a drink, and you have one Rumisiel-costume for Halloween! 03-11-2005
- Conscrew - Manga-Ka has misfile on the webcomic reading list for the cars? Well, thats at first...! 16-01-2006
- GreyMatters - Looks like Ash's influence has made Rumisiel patron saint of drivers! 23-05-2006
- Grand Theft Auto: The Webcomic - Looks like the one spoiling for a race is none other than Ash Upton! 18-06-2006
- Katie Lynne Sapphe the Webcomic - Looks like Rumi once again has messed up some folders and a life! 04-10-2006
- SailorSun.org - So there's an open job opportunity at an ale house? Too bad Ash also saw that one! 07-11-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Emily and Misfile is being kept under close surveillance by the Evil Overlords! 14-06-2007
- SailorSun.org - What's this? Emily giving away the secret of the Misfile shine? 20-06-2007
- Living With Insanity - A soft Ash-doll is one of the things that seems to have ended up on the Forgotten Shelf! 31-10-2011
- 6 Gun Mage - A little presentation of 6 Gun Mage as presented over at Misfile by Ash! 13-01-2013
- The Black Princess - Among the spectators, not entirely happy with the result, we spot original Ash and Emily! 09-12-2004
- EvilEmo - Rumisiel gives Cam a few tips... forgetting how much trouble they originally gave him! Comic #39

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