Misfits of Mischief
Misfits of Mischief

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- Thatguy - Wohoo! Looks like Monroe has gotten his hands on one of the rare Thatguy shirts! 29-04-2009
- xkcd - Fan of comics, Bjorn has picked today to wear his xkcd shirt! 03-05-2009
- The Green Avenger - Looks like Monroe had time to change into his Green Avenger shirt on his way! 02-09-2009
- Girls with Slingshots - Wearing his GWS shirt, Monroe falls for the luring offer of the real estate dealer! 02-09-2009
- Jenny Everywhere - Lost in Limbo, Jenny jumps to attention when she hears about a map! 07-09-2009
- Mindmistress - Polite as always, Mindmistress seems eager to get to see the map of Limbo! 07-09-2009
- Times Like This - Off course Cassie would like to see the map! Lost in Limbo for days is no fun! 07-09-2009
- Pawn - Both Baala and Ayanah leans over to get a good view of the map of Limbo! 07-09-2009
- PvP Online - Getting lost in Limbo seems to have taken its toll on Skull... poor beast! 07-09-2009
- Friendly Hostility - You should think "The Demon" would be ok in Limbo, but he wants to see the map! 07-09-2009
- Evil Inc. - The parallel universe version of Captain Heroic lost in Limbo? Interesting...! 07-09-2009
- Accidental Centaurs - Maybe Lenny already knows the way out of Limbo? He looks cool about it! 07-09-2009
- Zortic - Zortic must have taken a wrong turn somewhere since he ended up in Limbo with the others! 07-09-2009
- Stella & Celeste - Stella & Celeste have gone to Limbo... for the view and its inhabitants? 07-09-2009
- Living in Greytown - Devil Phil has been lost for some time.. now we know he was in Limbo! 07-09-2009
- The Bees Knees - Quinn might put on the moves on Bootsi, but she knows when her creep-sense tingles! 18-09-2010
- Psychedelic Circumstances - Bjorn and Daren adorns this showcase strip! 20-09-2010
- Blonde Marvel - The Trickster Trio promises Madam X everything she wants... and they CAN deliver! 30-06-2012
- Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell - Yep, Darwin Carmichael has that doomed aura... he IS on his way to hell! 07-04-2012
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress is none-plussed about the findings of Demi-Gods in soup, the question is just... "Why?"! 08-11-2013
- ThatGuy - Turning up in ThatGuy's coffee, the Misfits face the horror of getting to... work! 26-02-2014

Misfits of Mischief cameos/references can be found in:
- PowerTrip - The Trickster Demigods of MM is hanging around in the background in typical style! 16-09-2009
- Kaza's Mate, Gwenna - The jungle might be an alien place, but even more so when the Misfits of Mischief shows up! MA content warning!17-04-2017
- Abúi's Travels - The Misfits of Mischief experience a close encounter of the soft kind as Abúi, Adrienne and Aggie flash in! 17-07-2017
- Blacktail & Marz - Dimensionjumping becomes a party when B&M encounters the Misfits of Mischief! 30-08-2018
- Abúi's Travels - Looks like Abúi finally got to taken advantage of the Misfits and end the dry spell! 03-01-2019

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