Modern Love
Modern Love

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- Out There - Miriam didn't get the "heart thing" because... well, John MAY be gay... for chuck! 23-11-2006
- Dinosaur Comics - And todays strip is presented in the awesome style of Dinosaur Comics! 02-02-2007
- A Softer World - Hazed three-panel photostrip--- thats A Softer World thats being ripped off! 03-02-2007
- The Wooden Leg - One panel with punlike punchline.. just like The Wooden Leg! 04-02-2007
- Minimalism Sucks - A dastardly minimalistic rip-off is used in todays Modern Love! 05-02-2007
- Out There - A suggestion to how Out There could have started and ended... Modern Love way! 06-02-2007
- Tile - So.. when Tile does the twist she's going back to the Days as the Robot? 07-02-2007
- Stuff Sucks - Is it Stuff Sucks style when you give things away in a painful way? 10-02-2007
- Idiot Comics - How you can also fly a dragonkite... in the style of idiot comics! 11-02-2007
- xkcd - Modern Love goes all pun on you in the xkcd style! 13-02-2007
- Toothpaste for Dinner - The Coffee Machine met its maker... in a Toothpaste for Dinner rip-off! 18-02-2007
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Scott Mcloud gives a few tips for easy comics in this parody! 21-02-2007
- Legostar Galactica - Ever wondered if this parody could have had a real place in Legostar Galactica? 25-02-2007
- I'm Always Right - So, even if you say you are always right, you end up being right... as always! 27-02-2007

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