Monster Lover
Monster Lover
Monster Lover Destiny's Path
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- None recorded

- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - Sounds like Jaren will never change, no matter where...! 10-08-2009
- Brat-Halla - Along the Brathalla Way the travellers walk... wonder where it leads? 07-12-2009
- Homestuck - A the description says... Adam and Tauro cosplaying Dirk and Vriska! 30-07-2012
- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - Rivka calls in a favour to help Adam and Gang onward after their adventure in ACTDR ! 19-10-2010

Monster Lover cameos/references can be found in:
- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - On a trip with Adam, the Monster-crew helps him out on an extended mission! 06-01-2010

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