- None recorded

- None recorded

Morphic cameos/references can be found in:
- Life & Death - Nico has found his way into the surprise party for Steve and the 400 strips! 12-08-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Nicodemuns runs to get away from the buildings going to pieces around them! 12-12-2007
- Insanity of Xade - As a tribute, Nicodemus' image has been framed and put up on the wall! 24-12-2007
- Due East - Nicodemus looks in horror at the damage done by Carolyns rage! 19-03-2008
- Life & Death - In a celebrational crowd like this, how could Nico feel out of place and NOT toast Steve? 02-04-2008
- Salt the Holly - Colin works at the insurance company and he just paid the girls the money they are due! 10-04-2008
- Life & Death - Welcome to Heaven and a party in Death's office Nico! 19-04-2010
- Life & Death - Life & Death celebrates 1000 great strips, and Nico comes to the island to party along! 19-09-2011

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