The Life and Times of Mr. Bubbles
The Life and Times of Mr. Bubbles

- None recorded

- Real Life - Greg is manning the desk in what look like the Webcomic Unemployment Center! 14-03-2003
- Treasure Hunters - Silver doesn't look all too comfortable with the people he hangs out with! 14-03-2003
- Elf Only Inn - Lord Woot, as his mighty one-eyed self, is also hanging out in the Unemployment Center! 14-03-2003
- Superosity - Looks like Boardy also has slipped into the ranks of the unemployed characters! 14-03-2003

Mr. Bubbles cameos/references can be found in:
- Treasure Hunters - Mr. Bubbles seems to be having a great time, hanging out at the inn! 31-12-2002

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